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5 Reasons Marketing Agencies Should Offer Review Site Management

Entrepreneur. Manager. Product buyer. Accountant. HR. Marketer. Small business owners wear a lot of hats. An owner may slip in and out of many roles which, in a larger company, would be divided among a large staff. But a small…

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6 Changes Around the Office to Improve Morale

Unhappy employees make for an unhappy company. Decreased productivity (and the attendant costs), more sick days, increased turnover (and that associated cost)…the downsides to dissatisfied workers are many—and expensive. But it seems like keeping them happy can be expensive, too!…

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Rid the Waste from Your Small Business With These Four App Categories

Looking to streamline your small business processes? Good news, there’s an app for that! Here’s a few categories of awesome small business apps that you might be missing out on. Luckily, most of these apps have free trials available, so…

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Why Small Conferences Are Better

We here at Funding Gates attend a lot of conferences throughout the year. Some are focused on small businesses, others on accountants, and still more are for our own education about being the best small business finance platform we can…

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5 Tips for Pitching Your Marketing Agency to Small Businesses

While many people in the marketing world focus on hauling in “big fish” clients, small businesses are a profitable niche that are often overlooked. Use these five tips for pitching your marketing agency to small businesses to open up a…

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6 Accountant Certifications That Will Make Your Practice Stand Out

Today’s business owners are more web-savvy than ever before, and this primarily translates into spending increased amounts of time researching before making a business decision. Google estimates that the average person performs 12 research-intensive searches before making a service or…

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You Might Have an AR Problem If…

If you’ve been suffering from a lack of income, and can’t quite seem to figure out why you’re having cash flow problems- it’s probably time to take a closer look at your Accounts Receivable. Practicing Receivables Management can make the…

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4 Companies Excelling At Social Media Humor

One of the latest social media tips for small business is to be funny! Embracing social media humor is a brilliant way to stay out from the crowds of brands and businesses already posting away on social media. Using humor…

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8 Creative Sponsorship Ideas to Get the Word Out About Your Small Biz

Being involved, and invested, in the community can yield incredible results for small businesses in small towns. As we’ve covered before, building up goodwill in local communities leads to lasting favorable brand association and a greatly elevated rate of brand…

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Small Business Online Presence, Small Business Owner's Guide

Lead Generation 101 For B2Bs

Marketing, and its subsequent goal, new lead generation, can be an incredibly powerful growth tool for a B2B. B2B marketing is a very unique situation, and quite possibly the most challenging type of marketing. Business owners looking for services or…

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