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You Might Have an AR Problem If…

If you’ve been suffering from a lack of income, and can’t quite seem to figure out why you’re having cash flow problems- it’s probably time to take a closer look at your Accounts Receivable. Practicing Receivables Management can make the…

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4 Companies Excelling At Social Media Humor

One of the latest social media tips for small business is to be funny! Embracing social media humor is a brilliant way to stay out from the crowds of brands and businesses already posting away on social media. Using humor…

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8 Creative Sponsorship Ideas to Get the Word Out About Your Small Biz

Being involved, and invested, in the community can yield incredible results for small businesses in small towns. As we’ve covered before, building up goodwill in local communities leads to lasting favorable brand association and a greatly elevated rate of brand…

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Small Business Online Presence, Small Business Owner's Guide

Lead Generation 101 For B2Bs

Marketing, and its subsequent goal, new lead generation, can be an incredibly powerful growth tool for a B2B. B2B marketing is a very unique situation, and quite possibly the most challenging type of marketing. Business owners looking for services or…

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How To Charge More For Your Accounting Services

Trust us, you should charge more for accounting services. If you haven’t raised your rates in the last year and a half, you’re losing out on money, plain and simple. Many cringe at the idea, seeing it as “nickel and diming”,…

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Marketing & Strategy, Small Business Online Presence, Small Business Owner's Guide

How To Track & Measure Your Small Business’ Social Media

Social media is well understood to be incredibly valuable for small businesses (read ALL our small business social media posts here) — but how can you track and measure it? With the best, most affordable tools! Here are our top…

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Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Small Business Marketing Agency

As a professional marketer, you are an expert at drawing attention to diverse and unique brands. After spending a little time with a small business, you can see their unique value adds and inherently know how to tell the company’s…

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Small Business Owner's Guide

6 Easy Ways To Move Business Operations To The Cloud

Moving business operations to the cloud can help your small business save money, work more efficiently, and glean more valuable consumer insights. It doesn’t have to take several months either! Here are 6 easy ways to improve small business operations…

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Beware: Industries Most Prone to Late-Paying Customers

Payment delays are among the most significant inhibitors to positive cash flow and growth for small businesses. A 2014 study of worldwide payment behaviors by Euler Hermes found that in general, the total number of late payments has increased. But some industries…

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Marketing & Strategy, Small Business Online Presence, Small Business Owner's Guide

The Latest Local Search Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

The facts are the facts, local search is huge for small businesses. Google only plans to continue improving it’s search algorithms for local experiences- so you better start paying attention. Google estimates that four out of five customers are relying on web…

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