Your Small Business and "Startup America"
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Your Small Business and “Startup America”



We’ve all spent a lot of time lately watching the recent conversations and changes going on in the legislation impacting small business. Obama has an agenda: to create a “Startup America”. However, all this can get confusing. Where does the “JOBS act” fit in? What’s all the fuss with small business reactions to “Obamacare”? What’s this talk of tax cuts and raising lending limits? To help visualize what’s going on with Obama’s Startup America, the team over at Intuit prepared a wonderful infographic. Take a peak below to get a better understanding of what congress is talking about when it comes to small business.


Your Small Business and “Startup America”

start-up-small-business via: What Obama’s “Startup America” Means for Your Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

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2 Responses to Your Small Business and “Startup America”

  1. When I went through the infographic, the first thing that crossed my mind was that the proposal was created to convince a lot of people to start their own businesses up. One thing that’s hard to eliminate is one’s fear and doubt of starting something as risky as starting a business. Well, I admit that it’s risky, but that’s nothing that a good plan can’t take care of.

    = Gerald Martin =

  2. meredithawood says:

    I agree Gerald. I think it’s one of those things: we can give people the tools they need to make it easier to start a business, but will this at all calm their fears of doing so? Kind of have to sit back and see. Thanks for dropping by!


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