Brad Pitt Has His Eye on Debt Collectors
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Brad Pitt Has His Eye on Debt Collectors


Brad Pitt (you’ve heard of him, right?) and his production company, Plan B, have set their gaze on the debt collection industry. Surprisingly enough, Pitt is working with HBO to develop a series based on Jake Halpern’s 2012 New Yorker article “Pay Up” (a must-read).

Brad Pitt Has His Eye on Debt Collectors

The story is about a Buffalo-based ex-gangster named Jimmy who’s attempting to reform his life by beginning a career as a professional debt collector. However, this gig turns out to be just as dangerous as his previous life. Wells Tower, author of the acclaimed short story collection “Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned”, is on board to write the project and co-executive produce it. The show is still in development, with no production schedule set, so we never know if we might see it.

But, interestingly enough, it’s safe to say there is enough “drama” in the debt collection industry to make this story viable. Granted, this HBO version will certainly be heightened, but debt collectors deal with unusual situations on a daily basis. I have to ask, when asking for money, what has been the strangest situation you’ve been involved with? Any odd tactics you chose in an attempt to get paid?

At the very least, if “Paper” becomes a hit, I can say one thing: please no reality show Bravo! The last thing the debt collection industry needs is what’s recently happened in the technology scene. Bravo’s latest show, Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, is just plain bad for entrepreneurship (as Scott Gerber explains).

The future of “Paper” in uncertain, but if the show reaches production, would you watch “Paper”?

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