5 Small Business Apps for Stellar Financial Management
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5 Small Business Apps for Stellar Financial Management


Looking to get your finances in shape for the upcoming New Year? We support this resolution and are ready to provide you with a “handy” list of tools that can increase your financial power all in the palm of your…hand. Make sure to download 1 of these 5 small business apps before you ring in 2013.

5 Small Business Apps for Stellar Financial Management

1) Expensify – Hate expense reports? Expensify feels your pain and is ready to offer you some relief. With Expensify, you simply take a photo of the receipt and Expensify converts it into a friendly report. Forgot your receipt? No worries, you can enter the transaction information in just a few steps. Expensify is free for individuals, and with companies that have multiple employees using the app, the first 2 users are free with additional, active users costing $5 – $10 a month, depending on your accounting package. Of all the small business apps, Expensify is the one you can count on to never let you stress about your expense reports again.

2) Square – Square is the perfect companion for any small business owner who needs to accept payments on the go. All you need is the (free) card reader, or you can manually enter the payment within the app. The app is free, easy to download and the funds are directly deposited into your bank account within 1-2 business days. One option for payment is a monthly pricing package, which is $275 for the month and 0% per swipe for your first $250,000 in transactions. If you think you will be exceeding this transaction limit, it might be best to pay Square per swipe, which is 2.75% per transaction. No matter which plan you are on, if you enter the credit card information manually, it will cost you 3.5% plus 15 cents per transaction. Check out more about Square’s pricing details (and how to sign up!) here.

3) inDinero – Ever heard of Mint? Well, inDinero claims to be the “Mint” of the small business apps and has good reason for saying so. Essentially, inDinero pulls in your bank and credit card statements and then immediately puts your expenses in the proper categories. They will prepare profit and loss statements and track your spending habits so you are able to effectively budget your money. You can keep an eye on your cash balance trends, among other things, as inDinero displays all your information on an easy to digest dashboard. It’s free up to 50 monthly transactions, costs $29.95/month for 500 monthly transactions, and $99.95/month for unlimited transactions. And, no worries, the mobile app is free! inDinero lets you always know what’s going on with your finances.

4) Freshbooks – The Freshbooks iPhone app syncs with your online Freshbooks account so you can track your business on the go. You can create invoices and get paid right from your phone. You can also track your time (no more missing billable hours) and your expenses (through photo snapshots of receipts). You can even generate project estimates from your phone. It’s one of the free small business apps, but you will need to be a Freshbooks user to utilize the app. Freshbooks has plans ranging from $0 to $40, depending on your clients and if you need additional staff to access your account.

5) Quickoffice – Quickoffice is a must have if you are keeping up with your finances in Excel. Although this is one of the few small business apps with a price ($14.99 to be exact), there is no other fee you will have to pay. You can edit Excel spreadsheets straight from your phone and get access to any spreadsheet that you might keep in the cloud (such as in Dropbox or Google Docs, to name a few). Learn more about Quickoffice here!

What’s your favorite of the small business apps for financial management?

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