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Red Flag Indicators of Late Paying (or Non-Paying) Customers

Dean Kaplan, The Kaplan Group Not getting paid is very painful.  Once an invoice is past due, the chances of collecting decline more than 1% per week according to annual surveys by the Commercial Law League of America. By the…

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It’s High Time You Added Online Payments to Your Business

The fact of life is that consumers everywhere are now living their lives online. They prefer to connect with one another online, choosing products and companies online, and even managing their finances online. The entire customer journey (for B2B and B2C…

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Money, Receivables Management

The Surprising Truth About Business Debt Collection

Many small business owners have heard of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and assume it will cover them in the even a past due invoice needs to be sent to collections. This is not the case. There is…

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Money, Receivables Management

How the Construction Industry Avoids The Risk of Non-Payment

Getting paid can be hard for any business, but getting paid in the construction industry is especially difficult. Construction industry businesses do an excellent job of prioritizing AR management- they’ve learned that a strong receivables management program is crucial to…

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Consider This: Crowdfund Your Business Improvement

Are your restaurant’s most loyal customers goading you to finally fix the heater? Are your coffee shop’s patrons loving your java but begging for free WiFi? Or maybe your spa’s biggest fans are crying out for you to add a…

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Got Invoices?

5 Ridiculous Invoice Design Fails – DO NOT attempt

[From the Editor] Pssst!! We recently broke down all our Invoice Design advice into an easy to read eBook: Invoice Hacks to Encourage On Time Payment Get a copy now!     Invoices are a standard part of doing business, yet…

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Collection Strategies for the Most Common Types of Delinquent Customers

43% of small businesses have customers who are 90+ days past due on payments, and almost every small business will have at least 1 past due customer, at some point. According to recent research from Dun & Bradstreet, businesses are…

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Money, Small Business Owner's Guide

How to Choose an Auditor For Your Business

Businesses may occasionally find themselves in the position of needing to hire an independent auditor. But how do you choose an auditor that’s right one for your business, industry and your specific situation? Here is a quick guide to help…

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Got Past Due Invoices? Here’s How To Successfully Collect!

Past due invoices. 2/3 of American small businesses have them. In fact, it’s often estimated that 20% of all invoices will be paid late- so it’s a fact of business-life you can count on. Here how to make sure the problem doesn’t get…

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True Story: I Was a Delinquent Payer

    All businesses should make sure they’re making it as easy as possible for customers or clients to pay their invoices (Here are some tips!). This blog is the perspective of a delinquent payer, to help you understand why delinquent…

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