Six Accountant Certifications That Will Make Your Practice Stand Out

Today’s business owners are more web-savvy than ever before, and this primarily translates into spending increased amounts of time researching before making a business decision. Google estimates that the average person performs 12 research-intensive searches before making a service or…

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3 B2B Marketing Trends To Try This Summer

School may be out for summer, but the rest of us are still in the office, trudging along toward Q2 sales reports while dreaming of a tropical getaway(which you should take, by the way- science says so!) Our tips for…

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Top Marketing Trends from Ad Age’s 2015 Marketing Report

Whether you’re the in-house marketing point person for your company or the owner of your own small agency, it’s important to understand the trends in your industry. I took a look at Ad Age’s 2015 State of The Marketing Industry…

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When Should Your Business Use a Marketing Agency?

Marketing. Every business owner knows we can’t survive without it, and yet it can be such a drain on time and resources if it isn’t your primary job. The cherry on top? Many businesses feel that the return on investment tends to…

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