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Which Accounting Software is Best For My Business?


Did you know? Accounting software can actually serve as the entire accounting department for your business. Taking care of everything from invoices to payroll, these comprehensive programs affect nearly every part of your business. You may need a program that can handle a great deal of inventory, or you might want help paying the bills. To help you find your ideal electronic accountant, here is a selection of the best small business accounting software on the market:

The Best Accounting Software for Businesses

Developed by Intuit, Quickbooks is an old player in the accounting software game, but it continues to improve its services. Depending on your own needs, you can purchase online-only access or a hard copy of the software. With either service, you can perform essential functions including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and inventory. Perhaps the best of Quickbooks’ features is the easy-to-read reports. While most small business accounting software produces standard profit and loss reports, certain Quickbooks programs allow you to generate useful marketing reports. The “Coach Tips” feature helps newcomers figure out how to perform simple and complicated accounting tasks, such as determining whether an estimate has been invoiced. With a sophisticated interface and clear tutorials, this accounting software is ideal for new and old small businesses alike.

With Peachtree’s small business accounting software, you can seamlessly manage your own accounts while presenting professional invoices to your clients. Peachtree excels in helping you handle clients and vendors. The comprehensive client and vendor management features allow you to create contact directories and view organized transaction histories. Cash flow is a common problem for small businesses, and these detailed histories let you see exactly how your funds come and go. This accounting software even helps you make the most out of employee time, helping you track the time they spend on specific tasks. By helping you make the most out of your business, you can consider this software an accountant and a consultant.

As one of the leading online account services, Freshbooks provides an excellent invoicing system from anywhere you can access the Internet. Freshbooks is incredibly easy to use, allowing you to import a wide range of data, including your products, services and customer contact lists. You can customize invoice forms or use one of many templates, then send them off via e-mail or the post office. This accounting software can even help you get paid faster by partnering with a number of online payment services, such as PayPal and Freshbooks helps you streamline the entire accounts receivable process.

Yet another cloud-based service, Outright boasts one essential feature that stands out from any other accounting software: It’s free. The service is very small as a result, providing very simple functions to track income and expenses and help you meet tax requirements. A well-designed interface means even the most inexperienced user can take charge of the books. Many small businesses rather use internal accounting software then hire an accountant to look over their records. With this need in mind, Outright lets you grant limited access to your records. For small businesses with the most basic books, this accounting software may be ideal.

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