Perks of Working for the Underdogs
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Perks of Working for the Underdogs


As a college Senior with the impending doom of entering the real world, the process of looking for a job feels less like embarking on an adventure, and more like a fight to the death with my peers. In this sluggish economy and slow to hire job market, even getting an internship presents a challenge. But if you managed to land a job or internship in a field that you’re interested in, then congratulations, you’re already one step ahead of many people. However, for those ambitious individuals who are lamenting the fact that their jobs aren’t at a big name company like they’ve always thought they would end up at, then fret not. Below highlights the advantages of working for a small to midsized (SMB) or start-up company, speaking from my own experience and observations:

Perks of Working for the Underdogs

1. You will have more tangible responsibilities – One of the most iconic quotes from the Spider-Man comics is – “With great power, come great responsibilities”. Whether or not wearing tights and fighting crime is your calling, this is certainly still applicable to everyday people as well. But if you’re just starting out at the bottom of the proverbial food chain like I am, then we certainly do not have much power at the moment, right? Wrong. If power equals responsibilities, then one could argue that responsibilities equal power. In non-corporate sized companies where there are smaller teams, there are definitely plenty of opportunities for one to rise to the occasion and become a core contributor to the success of the company, regardless of rankings. I’m not talking about getting coffee for your boss or filing paper documents, but actual tangible work that can become the focal point of your resume. The more you do (even if it is tedious work that no one else wants), the more indispensable you become to your team, therefore, the more power you hold in the company. This brings me to my next point…

2. Your hard work will be recognized – Slacking off is truly an art form at SMBs since by default, there are less people to divvy up the work, which means everybody is accountable for the tasks that they are given. The upside to this is that your boss will be more likely to recognize the amount of effort that you’ve been putting in. Those over-times that you’ve been pulling and the mistakes that you caught because you triple checked the spreadsheets? Your boss definitely noticed, and will remember when the time comes. This also cuts down the amount of office politics that occurs since employees are judged based on performance, not on the amount of flattery that they pay to their boss.

3. You will rise through the ranks quickly – Speaking of being recognized for your hard work, the next logical step after working those long nights for a pay day is to be promoted. Fewer employees at a company means less competition in your way to that swanky corner office that you’ve been eyeing. As long as you’re willing to put in the work and are dedicated to the objectives of the company, the time required to move up the ladder can be shortened considerably.

4. You will have more freedom – Most SMBs employ lateral organizational structure, which gives employees more room to express their creativity. This is probably the most attractive part about working for a SMB since the management structure is much flatter, meaning more freedom for employees and requiring less time to make a decision. As an intern for The Receivables Exchange, I could propose improvements on our social media campaign and see them implemented within days. My opinion is not only valued, but also encouraged, which I am sure would prove to be a welcoming change for those of you who feel like you’re defined by your employee ID, and not by your ideas and unique perspective.

Working for corporate sized companies does have its bonuses, of course. Having a brand name company on your resume is like driving a convertible with its top down while blasting music – flashy, and people will be impressed (unless you’re Olympic gold medalist McKayla Maroney). Not to mention the vast amount of connections that you can make within your industry, which is instrumental to succeeding regardless of your field of work.  However, considering the amount of start-up companies making a huge impact in the world, working for companies that are smaller in size and helping them grow from the ground up may just be the way to go. Just remember that hard work and dedication are necessary to advance your career to where you want it to be, regardless of your choice of poison. After all, nothing worth having in life ever comes easy.

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About the Author:

Sammie worked as a marketing intern for The Receivables Exchange. She is currently a senior at Rutgers University, double-majoring in Economics and Communication. She has previously worked as an accounts management intern for PR Consulting and as a social media intern for Karmaloop, where she designed a successful campaign targeting website traffic and generating leads. She is also involved in and has held various leadership roles in campus-wide organizations such as Alpha Kappa Psi, Future Female Lawyer Society, Residence Hall Association, etc.

After graduation, she plans on going full force ahead into the marketing and advertising industry, concentrating on digital marketing and social media.

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