Secrets to Performing Accurate Cash Management Projections
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Secrets to Performing Accurate Cash Management Projections


In order to properly maintain momentum, a small business owner must know how to make accurate cash management projections. In fact, few skills are as important as cash flow management. Having the ability to tighten your proverbial belt to allow room for unexpected expenses is a sign of a knowledgeable business owner or manager. If it isn’t something you’re comfortable doing now, you’ll need to build your confidence so you’re better able to do it in the future.

Secrets to Performing Accurate Cash Management Projections

Cash management projections are often hard to predict but the following tips can help you be more accurate in your cash management predictions:

  • How Long? – Decide how long a time period your forecast will cover. A typical forecast is usually around 12 months.
  • Review – Go over all accounting history and look at all revenue and expenditures. This will give you a better idea of the general picture of your finances and expenses.
  • Keep It Simple – Start with a simple one page forecasting form and start with what you know, such as net cash flow balance, negative cash flow, and any other securities or money that you can add. Start with what you do know and then add and build up your reliability of your forecast.
  • Monitor – Always check numbers and fine tune your forecast. Look for fluctuations in near term numbers. Watch the revenue side for major changes, and also review any user expenditure patterns. It always pays off to make changes as necessary in your forecast to accommodate changes.

When doing cash management projections, you must remember that your business isn’t an island. Instead it needs to flow with the economy and how things are going. Consumer spending changes rapidly and by paying attention, you can keep up with changes without hurting your business. The same can be said about what types of items your customers purchase. Temper your cash management projections to stay in line with what is happening in your market and the world around you.

Doing all this yourself is daunting, and sometimes it’s easier to let a professional handle your affairs. They do this for a living and can help give you a road path that helps you succeed. A good accountant is just like a mechanic; they can see what needs to be tweaked, repaired or completely scrapped. Their job is to look over the books and help you make wise decisions and to forecast for the future.

Owning a business is not easy by any stretch and when it comes to dealing with money and keeping the forward momentum going it can be hard. Yes, at times there will be setbacks and having to take a loss here and there, but with doing accurate cash management projections, you can take these in stride and keep going. By doing this, not only will you enable your company to succeed where others have failed, you will grow at the same time.  That just makes your success sweeter in the long run.

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