How to Make Your Accountant Love You
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How to Make Your Accountant Love You


Whipping your business into shape takes a lot of work. While you’re a good business person with a great product or service, you may not exactly be a financial whiz. So you head out to the nearest accounting firm to find the best person they have on the job.

However, that shouldn’t be the end of your interest in your financial situation. For one, if you mentally check out of this business relationship, you’re going to drive your accountant crazy! In fact, there are likely several things you’re doing right now that are making your accountant hate your guts.

Turn their frown upside down with the following tips.

How to Make Your Accountant Love You

Know What You Want

Yes, we all want to make more money in our business. If you say this to your accountant you’re just going to end up making them crazier. When they ask you what your goals are for your business they don’t want empty platitudes, they want specific lines in the sand you can achieve.

Do some research and some heavy thinking before your next meeting with your accountant to figure out what the aim of your business is. Try to break it down into smaller, manageable goals, like taking over a new area or selling X amount of items a month. Huge goals like “destroy the competition” are fun but don’t really help your accountant with your finances.

Get Organized

The last time you walked into your accountant’s office with a big bag of paper and a sheepish grin on your face you were greeted with a grimace. What you didn’t see was after you left , was your poor money wrangler banging her head against the wall for a good hour.

This is because you weren’t the only person to do that to them that day. Most of their clients are super unorganized as they feel they don’t have to put any effort into the relationship. After all, this is the accountant’s job, right?

What this doesn’t take into consideration is you hired them to make your finances sing. When they’re spending all day just organizing your invoices into a real order, they can’t help you grow. They’re just playing catch up. (Oh, and they’re charging you more.)

So take some time and get your paperwork in order. File everything in a sensible manner. Get an account at Outright so you can present all your deposits and expenses in a manageable form. Digitize receipts and send them in a file rather than a box.

Follow Advice

We all know what happens when we hear advice we don’t want to necessarily listen to: it goes in one ear and out the other. You can listen to your accountant say you need to save up to create a safety net, but it’s another to put it to the test when you see the hot new Apple product that just launched.

Sure, it would be nice to save up, but the Apple iThing 5000 looks amazing and could help you with this and that around the office. So you ignore your accountant’s advice and he or she tears their hair out.

They’re like your parents: they don’t just say stuff for no reason! Listen to their advice and do your best to follow it. They’re there to help you grow your business and get your money in order. Let them help you by helping them!

Does your accountant love you?


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