Domain Name Shoppers Get New Freedom of Choice
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Domain Name Shoppers Get New Freedom of Choice


Remember when you went to register a domain name for your business website? Did you feel like your naming options were a little…limited? While you wanted something simple and to the point like, there just wasn’t anything close to that domain name available. Instead, you settled for, which could suggest a website offering anything from jewelry or flashlights to inspirational poetry.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had more choices? Something that tells casual browsers, at-a-glance, just exactly what your website is all about? Well, wish no longer because that day is just around the corner!

ICANN, the association in charge of Internet naming conventions, recently announced the release of hundreds of new domain extension. This means that in addition to the classics like .com, .net and the like, website owners will soon have the ability to choose from hundreds of brand new ways to name their websites.

Domain Name Shoppers Get New Freedom of Choice

How Does It Work?

So you want to change to a website name that actually tells online visitors what you have to offer. Since is the name of your store, but the .com version is taken, why not select a domain name like Amazing.lamps? This name takes the mystery out of your website, helping to ensure that the right visitors (i.e. your target audience) find your site when they go online to search for amazing lamps.

This is the kind of freedom you get with the wave of new extensions coming our way. Take a peek:

Business: Anything to do with a vertical or industry. Examples include .app, .shop, .ventures, and .lawyer.

Local: Live in a certain area, country, state, etc. and want to promote it? One of these might work. Examples include .tokyo, .irish, and .africa.

Community: Any group, community, or small gathering of people could use this to organize and converse with other people on one website. Examples include .fitness, .tennis, and .law.

Generic: There are a ton of other domain extension names that don’t fall into any certain header. Examples include .free, .fun, .ninja, and .win.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of extensions, and you’re sure to find one you can use. These are just the beginning!

We’ll Help You Out

Unsure how this all works and what to do? No problem – just head on over to the GoDaddy Extensions Page and we’ll help you get started. There you can see the new extensions, and we’ve grouped them together to help you navigate to just the right one.

You can also go ahead and pick the ideal extension for your business and pre-register your domain before they even go on sale. Your customers are desperately trying to find you, and a brand new name for your website will help them. GoDaddy has your back!


This guest post is courtesy of GoDaddy® contributing writer Jennifer Dunn. As the Web’s top platform for small businesses, GoDaddy can help you easily start, confidently grow, and successfully run your own venture. 

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