The Secret of Choosing a Great Time Tracker
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The Secret of Choosing a Great Time Tracker


How well could you play tennis with a ping pong paddle? Probably not well. Golfing with a baseball bat? Less than precise. What about tracking employee time with your five year old’s Mickey Mouse watch? Hard to imagine.

These examples are a joke. Mostly. Unfortunately there are some very well marketed, commonly used time tracking systems that are nothing more than glorified Mickey Mouse watches.

While I can’t help you save money on a new Mickey Mouse watch, I can help save you time and money by letting you in on a little known secret about online time trackers:

Most online time tracking systems are either a punch clock or a timer – and while one improves job profitability, employee efficiency and will protect your business in a labor dispute or audit, the other is simply… a timer.

The unfortunate reality for businesses that use an online timer (even highly marketed, or well-known but slightly mis-named “time tracking” ones), is:

    • The accounts come standard; they don’t track time for employees specifically for payroll
    • They don’t use GPS time stamping when employees clock in or out, so businesses are unable to protect their business in a labor dispute or audit
    • Their “timer” does not stop at 24 hours (i.e. an employee can clock more than 24 hours in a day)
    • They have no paid-time-off (PTO) or overtime tracking
    • There are no overtime alerts to notify managers when their employees are reaching overtime
    • There are no crew management / manager capabilities
    • They have no GPS tracking capabilities for their employees on the clock
    • There is no audit trail for DCAA and Department of Labor (DOL) compliance
    • They cannot manage multiple time zones – only one time zone may be chosen despite multiple office locations

As you can probably guess, a true time tracking solution does ALL of this and more.

Now the secret is revealed on arguably the most important aspect of choosing a great time tracker, you should now be able to differentiate between business tools designed to empower businesses and their employees, and… glorified Mickey Mouse watches.

Go find a great time tracker for your business, today. For more valuable tips, check out how a great time tracker can improve employee performance and productivity.

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2 Responses to The Secret of Choosing a Great Time Tracker

  1. shaEina says:

    I have to agree with you. There are a lot of flaws of most of the time tracking software. Most especially if they are just the type of tool that’s limited on clocking in and out. It doesn’t really mean that your employee is being productive when he is clocked in.
    The time tracking software ( ) we are using have this feature that categorizes our time as “away from computer,” “break time” and “work time.” It will help our bosses know if we really are doing the job we are paid to do.

  2. hema says:

    There are various such tools available these days such as Harvest or Freshbooks but I like Replicon’s time tracking software – over all other similar apps since it is very simple to use and can be quickly implemented too. It can be accessed from anywhere and has good configurable interface, where all reports can be exported into excel and can be used with QuickBooks etc, as an integrated suite.

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