4 Great Alternatives to Powerpoint
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4 Great Alternatives to PowerPoint


If you put together presentation decks regularly, or are just starting out but the thought of PowerPoint makes you want to cry, fear not! There are a ton of new options for your presentation needs, and many of them include rich media options that will bring your presentations to life.

PowerPoint has been the mainstay of the slide deck world, it had the first mover advantage.  But it also ends up looking somewhat dated and stale no matter what you do. Apple opened with a fresh volley against PowerPoint several years ago when it fully revamped its operating system. Keynote, made popular by Al Gore’s presentation in his movie The Inconvenient Truth, looks and acts a lot like PowerPoint, if PowerPoint was created by designers, typographers, or media specialists instead of computer engineers. Apple has steadily updated Keynote throughout the years offering mobile and tablet versions so you can create slides on the fly. You can also include rich media files like movies, or use their data editors to make graphs that move or show in 3D.

There are also web based tools like Prezi. Don’t be put off by the web-based designation, these tools allow you to build your deck on their websites and then download it for offline use.  Prezi comes with a number of visual effects that you can use to move your presentation around dynamically, or include play through options if you want to keep a deck running as a display on a continuous loop.

If you want to create a presentation that looks more reflective of your work on the web, or will be non-linear in the presentation, consider Projeqt.  Projeqt uses responsive design to let you pull together a whole mess of items, even if they are just random bookmarks and call them up in a presentation on an almost as-needed basis. This can be helpful if you want to do a presentation that isn’t going to just include talking points bullets or other boring data points. Instead, you can include webpages, video, and social media to add a new dynamism to your presentation.

For the web editors and coders out there, there’s also a presentation tool for you. PreZentit allows you to generate slides in HTML like you would generate a web page.  You can build out each “slide” in an HTML editor as you would like it, and depending on how savvy you are with HTML create a presentation that looks much more polished than you might find in a typical deck.  They allow a 250MB presentation storage size, and you can also invite collaborators to your presentation online if you want to make it a group activity.  Once complete you can download the presentation for use.

Even if you are well versed in PowerPoint, using one of these new presentation applications can be a way to improve the audience response to your slide decks.  For many years, PowerPoint was considered the “professional” option, but don’t worry about semantics here, audience engagement on your presentations is critical, including dynamic slides, movies or other social aspects can ensure that what you have to say stays with your audience – PowerPoint or not.

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