Employee Performance Reviews Can Be Fun
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Employee Performance Reviews Can Be Fun


To no one’s surprise, research indicates that most people dislike performance reviews.[1]juvodhr

So why would we work in an area so many dislike? Because we know we can fix this.

It’s easy to spot the bad performance reviews.

How Not To Conduct Performance Reviews

Send an ecard.

Text notes to the reviewee.


Make it a team effort.


Benefits of Performance Reviews

According to Gallop, performance reviews improve employee engagement, which in turn improves customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability.

Managers who focus on employee strengths experience the highest levels of engagement. Managers who don’t provide any feedback have the least engaged employees. Being overlooked is more harmful to employees’ engagement than receiving negative feedback.

This tells us employees want to know how they’re doing. They want feedback from their managers and the company benefits from providing it.

Four Reasons to Hate Standard Performance Reviews

  1. Writing from a blank form takes too much time.
  2. It’s tough to know what to say that is meaningful and legal.
  3. Evaluation criteria can be vague, which makes it difficult to provide meaningful feedback.
  4. Employees, even good ones, rarely know what they are being rated on.

Introducing Les Hassel

Les Hassel is a manager who, like you, wants his business to be as successful as possible.

Longing for a quick process that was easy to use yet produced sound results, Les found JuvodHR.

Within 15 minutes, Les completed a performance review that had clear criteria because it was based on the employee’s job description. As a result, Les was confident about what to say and provided meaningful feedback to his employee.

The ratings were easy, too. He moved a ball along a line or in a grid to the spot that best reflected the employee’s performance.

Les was happy to find JuvodHR suggested verbiage to include in the review. There was also space to add his own comments, but he didn’t have to say much because the important information was already there.

At the end, JuvodHR produced a performance review report that Les gave to his employee. It was like magic – a professional looking report with no numbered ratings. Rather than arguing about a score, Les focused his discussion on performance.

Les never thought he would like performance reviews but now he thinks they’re kind of fun – kind of.

[1] Performance appraisal satisfaction: The role of feedback and goal orientation. Culbertson, Satoris S.; Henning, Jaime B.; Payne, Stephanie C. Journal of Personnel Psychology, Vol 12(4), 2013, 189-195.

About the Author:

Pam Waits is the Human Resources (HR) expert for JuvodHR. She holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, has worked for United Airlines and created the HR function for a start-up company. She also defies the perception that Human Resource professionals lack a sense of humor. To read humorous stories by Pam, visit her blog at pamwaits.wordpress.com. You can find her HR articles at examiner.com.

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