Oh What a Web We Weave With Spiderman's Performance Review
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Oh What a Web We Weave With Spiderman’s Performance Review


Last week, Batman underwent his 6-month performance review at JuvodHspiderman-1-title-graphicR in Chicago. Not surprisingly, he was found to be doing a good job. This week it’s Spiderman’s turn and his review is being done by Funding Gates in New York City.

Superheroes like receiving feedback and appreciate their regular 6-month reviews. Expectations are clarified; they learn what they’re doing well and how they can improve.

JuvodHR expertly structures feedback by basing performance reviews on valid job descriptions, which include two components: Tasks and Work Styles – characteristics necessary for success. Our jobs database contains more than 1,000 customized job descriptions and over 13,000 alternate titles, including superheroes such as Spiderman.

Take a look at Spiderman’s job description. 

Job Description – Spiderman

Job Summary –

Exhibit super strength and agility. Cling to most surfaces. React to danger quickly using “spidey-sense” in order to successfully combat enemies. Work as a freelance photographer when not battling evil.

Tasks and Responsibilities –

    • Promote and maintain a positive public image.
    • Maintain secret identity by wearing spider suit and escaping crowds by clinging to walls and swinging from spider strands.
    • Construct devices to complement super powers, such as web-shooters and spider-tracers.
    • Use “spidey-sense” to anticipate and avoid danger.
    • Defeat villains using superhuman strength, agility, speed and endurance.

Work Styles –

    • Persistence: Job requires persistence in the face of obstacles.
    • Initiative: Job requires a willingness to personally take on responsibilities and challenges.
    • Flexibility: Job requires being adaptable, open to change (positive or negative) and comfortable with considerable variety in the workplace.
    • Integrity: Job requires consistency of actions, methods, principles, expectations, and outcomes.
    • Self Control: Job requires maintaining composure, keeping emotions in check, controlling anger, and avoiding aggressive behavior, even in very difficult situations.
    • Attention to Detail: Job requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks.
    • Cooperation: Job requires working or acting together as a member of a team for a common purpose or benefit.
    • Dependability: Job requires having excellent attendance, being reliable, responsible, and fulfilling obligations.

With the job description completed, the performance review can begin. The first step involves rating the employee’s performance on tasks. JuvodHR makes it easy by listing the tasks so they can be rated using a slider.


After tasks are rated, Work Styles are reviewed. JuvodHR uses a grid format so two Work Styles can be rated at the same time.

The first box shows two of Spiderman’s Work Styles: ‘Initiative’ (Passive vs. Self-starter) and ‘Persistence’ (Not persistent vs. Persistent). In the second box, there are ratings for ‘Integrity’ (Fair vs. Biased) and ‘Flexibility’ (Inflexible vs. Adaptable).


After all eight Work Styles are rated in the ‘menos form’, JuvodHR provides comments that match the ratings. It couldn’t be easier.


Throughout the review, you are also able to add your own comments.

At the end, each employee receives an overall rating based on a 1-7 scale. Spiderman’s overall score was 5; a score ranging from 4 – 6 “Meets Expectations” so Spiderman is an effective performer.

A professional report is automatically created for the employee (without the score). You can see Spiderman’s report at the end of the post.

JuvodHR will help you hone your spidey sense and prevent you from getting hung up or stuck with performance reviews.

Next week we review Superman.


Written by Pam Waits

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