5 Creative Ideas to Incentivize On Time Payments
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5 Creative Ideas to Incentivize On Time Payments


Chasing down clients who owe you money is an art, but so is rewarding the clients who pay you on time. Instead of worrying about the non-paying clients, today we’re going to talk about some creative ways to let your reliable clients know that you appreciate them.

1. Send a handwritten note.

In the days of digital communication, a handwritten note carries much more weight. Next time you receive a timely payment, try putting a little note in the mail to your client letting him know how much you appreciate him paying on time. The little surprise in the mail will put a smile on his face and make him more likely to pay you on time next month, too.

2. Thank them publicly.

For clients you know will appreciate the public shout-out, feel free to take to your favorite social media to thank them! Don’t mention that you’re thanking them for paying on time; simply let your followers know how much you appreciate this client with a quick plug. The client will appreciate it and may even get additional business, and what better “thank you” could you give them?

3. Extend an invitation.

If a handwritten note is great, then actual “face time” with a client is even better. Find an opportunity to sit down for lunch, watch a sporting event, or attend a charity function together. Spending a little bit of time with your client outside of a business context can refresh the relationship and will definitely let her know how much you value her.

4. Send a small gift.

When a client pays on time monthly for 6 months in a row, for example, you might want to consider putting an actual gift in the mail. You can go the traditional route of flowers or a fruit basket, but if you know a little more about the client, try being more creative. Can you send half a dozen cupcakes from his favorite bakery? Is there a book you know he’s been itching to read that you can buy for him? What about a gift card for a local restaurant you know he enjoys?

Pinterest is full of client appreciation gift ideas if you’re feeling stuck.

5. Send a larger gift.

For the clients you have a long-term relationship with, you might consider sending a larger gift than the small tokens of appreciation listed above. Subscription gifts are a great idea for all types of clients; they’re a thoughtful way to say thank you and to remain top-of mind for that client. And with all the new monthly subscription companies out there, you will be able to find a good gift for even the most discerning of clients (Birchbox for a beauty-conscious woman, Conscious Box for a health food junkie, Barkbox for a dog-lover, and the list goes on.)

It’s the Thought

With all of these gifts, it truly is the thought that counts. You should be able to expect timely payments from your clients, but just because it’s expected doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out of your way to reward it every once in a while, too.

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