Top Online Marketing Trends for Summer 2014
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Top Online Marketing Trends for Summer 2014


Summer is finally here, and the change of season has many business owners contemplating ways in which they might be able to take their marketing efforts to the next level. As most professionals are well-aware of, the Internet has all but completely changed the ways in which most companies go about their marketing, as online marketing is more pertinent than ever in the past. Marketing trends are always shifting, however, and staying on top of the changes is essential to finding success in today’s business landscape.

Without further adieu, here are just a few of the top online marketing trends for summer 2014.

1. Image-Based Marketing

As the Internet continues to be filled with more and more content, it’s important to decipher ways in which your business can appeal to attention spans that happen to be getting shorter as the years pass. One of the most successful techniques is to focus on pushing out image-centric content, which is a great way to attract attention and pull an audience in closer. While it’s important to avoid “image overload,” you’ll find that content that features more images than less will usually perform well, especially if the images are those which have huge visual impact.

2. Attention-Grabbing Headlines

It may seem overplayed, but attention-grabbing headlines are those which really work in today’s world. Chances are if you’ve been browsing a social media network lately, you’ve probably seen people sharing content with headlines that include words such as “breathtaking” and “unbelievable.” Hate it or not, this is the type of content that people are sharing today, and staying on top of social media marketing trends is essential. You don’t need to interject all of your marketing materials with “buzz words,” but taking a step in this direction might come along with more benefits than you may have originally thought.

3. Mobile-Friendly Content

These days, more people are using smartphones and tablets to access the web than ever before. As a push towards mobile devices and away from desktop computers builds, the importance of having mobile-friendly marketing content on your side will only serve to increase. This goes for advertisements, articles and web content, your business’s website and everything in between. Covering all of your bases will ensure that you’re reaching the biggest audience possible with a cohesive web presence.

Online marketing can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be impossible to find success. Consider the above tips, and you’ll no doubt find the results you’re looking for.

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