Save Yourself Time & Effort with These 5 Office Gadgets!
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Save Yourself Time, Effort & Money with These 5 High-Tech Office Gadgets!


Technology is transformational.  It has the ability to significantly change your work climate by making things more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable.  If the small business that you own is lacking gadgets and you want to know which ones will be the most beneficial in terms of time, space, and cost, please read further.  You’re going to love how effortless it is to own and operate these modern marvels of technology and innovation!

Here are five high-tech office gadgets that you’ll want to include in your company budget this year:

  • The Treadmill Desk – Although it may look ridiculous in appearance, this type of desk is growing in popularity as a way to encourage sedentary people to be more active throughout the day.  Too many hours at a desk can be detrimental to an employee’s health and well-being.  Regular exercise release endorphins, the body’s feel-good neurotransmitters.  If you want to increase efficiency and eliminate illness in the workplace, consider swapping out the old desks in your office with a few treadmill desks. As a budget-friendly compromise, consider the new under the desk cycling pedal or under the desk elliptical devices!
  • The 3D Printer – Want an office filled with 3D printers?  Purchase the first one and then print off the parts for additional machines with ease.  An emerging technology that is so revolutionary everyone will one day have one, 3D printing is taking off by leaps and bounds.  Rather than rely on other companies to manufacture the things that your company needs, why not print them yourself? With a 3D printer add on like Rabbit Proto, you can even create actual office gadgets and electronics!
  • Spark, The Watch That Keeps You Awake – Kickstarter offers revolutionary ideas.  One gadget that is gaining recognition right now is Spark, The Watch That Keeps You Awake.  If you want to discourage napping in the workplace, give your employees the gift of time this year.  This incredible watch uses two custom motion sensors to keep track of how a person moves throughout the day.  Based on this knowledge, it can detect when an employee is in the process of dozing off.  A gentle vibration helps wake the person up.  Think about how much more efficient people will be wearing one of these to work each day!
  • myIDkey – A voice-activated, fingerprint secure Bluetooth/USB Drive can help you and your employees protect, store, and recover passwords and personal information online and on the go. A successful crowdfunded project, myIDkey simplifies password management and prevents sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.  This is a must-have office gadget for every small business.
  • CloudFTP – A tiny, battery-powered adapter, CloudFTP makes any USB storage device wireless and accessible to Apple iPad, iPhone, and Internet through services like Dropbox.  Because a number of smartphones and tablets do not have USB ports, it is near impossible to retrieve data without a hassle.  Keep your employees working efficiently by supplying them with one of these gadgets at the start of their employment with your company.

Technology makes things more efficient.  By including the aforementioned five gadgets in the workplace, you not only add an element of fun and innovation, you also cut back on time spent doing menial tasks that cost you time, labor, and money.

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