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The Latest Secret To Growing Your Business: Multilingual Content By ReShare


Last week, the U.S. Census Bureau released the results of their most recent study on Language Use in the United States and small businesses should take note: 21% of the United States speaks a language other than English at home. Metro and rural areas in the West, South and Northeast had the highest levels of people speaking non-English languages at home. Give your business the competitive edge in your community by appealing to these multilingual consumers by translating your business’ content into other popular languages like Spanish. Thanks to new translation apps like ReShare, doing so will be easy!

What is ReShare?

ReShare translates online content to the user’s preferred language. It also can summarize articles to increase readership and engagement. Any type of article can be ‘reshared’ in any language.  The article addition process is easy and takes only a few minutes to complete.

You can read news articles to stay in the know and upload your own content.

The ReShare App

A ReShare app is available in the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store for free.  It allows you to make translation requests wherever you go, from your mobile device.  Their translation service Conyac Standard can accept Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and simple text files.  Shorter messages can be imported to the service, and translated easily using Conyac Light.  Pricing differs between the two services, depending on the amount of text you wish to have translated and added to the service, like longer articles about your company or your shorter marketing materials,  such as your company newsletter.  You can learn more about their pricing plans here: https://conyac.cc/en/b/plans.

How To Use ReShare For Your Business

Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload Your Content.  You can upload an article about your company or marketing materials like a blog post or newsletter (why not upload everything!) Click on “Add File”.  The app accepts the following document types: .txt, .pptx, .xlsx or .docx.  You can also simply copy and paste in small amounts of text by using the “Add Text” app feature.
  2. Create your ReShare document.  Enter the title of the request.  Or, the text itself and directions for the translators to follow (explain what the name of your business is and the services you offer, to avoid any possible confusion).  Click “Save” after you have entered all the details.  Once you finish adding the files or texts, you can look under the tab titled “Uploaded Files/Texts” to confirm that your documents have been added.  You’ll also need to choose the language pairing that best fits your business’ and community’s needs.  Your need to select the language to “Translate from” and the language to “Translate to”. At this stage, the price for translating will be displayed.  This estimate is based on the number of characters of text and the language being translated from and to.  Once everything checks out accordingly, you will need to click on “Proceed to Options and Checkout”.  This will bring you to the request confirmation page.
  3. Click to send the article.  On the left side of the page is the options to “Premium Request” and to “Double Check”.  On the right side is the option to confirm “Available Points” and to check “Points Left” before checking out.  If you prefer, you can switch groups by clicking on “Group Switcher”.  Once you’ve confirmed your balance, you can complete the order.  You’ll need to wait until the document is translated.  Points will be deducted from the group you selected.
  4. Earn points for ‘resharing’ content. You can save money on translating your own content by logging onto the service and “resharing” popular content. The ReShare app will give you credits or points for doing so! These can be used towards uploading more of your own content.  

The Best Business Case

Using the service and site is simple, and there are an increasing numbers of consumers in the U.S. for whom English is not their first or preferred language. By offering your small business’ content in another language, you can break down the language barriers that could be preventing members of your community from finding out about your services, or how you compare to the competition.

Being able to reach the widest audience possible is a power marketing tool for your business. Thanks to the translation app ReShare, you can easily access all the potential customers in your community.

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