The Rules of the Search: Think of Metatags As Your Company Manifesto
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The Rules of the Search: Think of Metatags As Your Company Manifesto


It turns out that search engines aren’t that different from people – both prefer intuitive simple language. So whether you’re in the early stages of building a website or you’re working on more content to get your site noticed online, you should adhere to these simple rules of the search.

Think of Metatags As Your Company Manifesto

A Metatag description is the description people will see when they search for your page in a search engine and get a list of results. For example, if you searched for “Bluevine” using Google right now, you’d find a list of 10 results from 10 different sites. Under the name of each site, you’d find about a sentence or two that describes what the page is about. For example, under the first result from, you’ll see a description of our business: “BlueVine provides businesses with advances on their outstanding invoices. Simple and transparent. Funds available in as fast as 1 day.”

Try the same with your business name and see what you get. If you already have a site up, then you should make sure that the description that comes up accurately and succinctly describes your business; that description is often how customers decide whether or not click on your site from the list of search results. It should describe what you offer and the benefits in less than 25 words (more than that will likely result in clipped sentences which could confuse customers).

To come up with a good description, think of your mission statement, and make it VERY simple and easy to read, preferably with a word that customers might search when they’re looking for businesses like yours. We used “funds” and “advances” in ours, because that’s primarily what we provide to our customers.

Key Words Metatags

The jury is out on whether or not you should used key word Metatags. Some search engine online experts say that adding key words to your search will help you reach people better. Many others say that key words are so 20th Century, and will only hurt your site’s chances of turning up in searchs. It’s been written that only Yahoo and Bing refer to key words for verification, and that’s only to make sure you’re not a spamming, which they may decide you are if your key words are found to be too generic. So using key words won’t likely help you get more hits, but rather diminish viewership if your key words are found to be too spammy. Until it’s perfectly clear as to whether or not key words help with SEO, we recommend avoiding them altogether.

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This article was written by the Community Manager of It’s BlueVine’s mission to be the fastest and easiest way to get invoices paid, helping small business owners to free up cash to cover expenses and grow their company. For more tips on running and promoting your small business, visit’s blog.

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