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They Do Exist: The Funniest Accounting Ads


Accounting gets an unfair rep for being a little cut and dry sometimes- but we know from experience (Accountants <3 Funding Gates) that accountants are anything but boring! Check out this delightful collection of ad spots where accounting firms really demonstrated their creative and humorous sides!


1. Getting Physical

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 Accounting Firm: Stanley Marks and Company, LLP


2. Nice Pun There

funny accountant ads

Accounting Firm: Kennedy and Coe, LLC


3. Creative Advertisement Placement

funny accounting ads







Account Firm: Ernest & Young

Note: They paid college kids for advertising space on their faces!


4. Really Committing To Your Mission Statement
funny accountant ads














Accounting Firm: Grant Thornton


5. Pop Culture Humor
funny accountant ads
funny accountant ads
funny accounting ads

Accounting Firm: H&R Block

6. Literal Metaphor
funny accounting ads
Accounting Firm: Kennedy and Coe, LLC

7. Humorous Hints

Accounting Firm: The Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs

8. Accountants Bust’n Some Rhymes

Accounting Firm: Turbo Tax


9. Creative Word Choice

funny accounting adsAccounting Firm: Nationwide

10. A Humorous Look in the Mirror

Accounting Firm: Honkamp Krueger & Co., P.C.

Honorable Mention: Accountants One’s stand up accountant comedian contest

Have you seen a funny ad for an accountant or financial service company? We’d love to do a follow up to this post! Comment us the link or email them to [email protected]


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