The Keys to Team Building: Four Important Hires
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The Four Types of People You NEED On Your Team


Small businesses are only as strong as the team members that work behind the logo. You simply can’t do everything yourself- nor should you. A strong team needs several key complimentative members to achieve growth and success. Whether you’re looking to fill leadership positions, or do some strategic team building, make sure you have these four essential components covered!

The Dreamer

Every team needs someone very, very drunk on the Kool Aid with big dreams and aspirations for the company. Most employees fall into the habit of focusing only on the day to day or week to week tasks to get through their quarterly or monthly objectives. However, it’s good for morale to be reminded of the big dreams and bright future for your company. Such positive, aspirational reminders give the day to day tasks more meaning and provide excellent motivational energy for your team. If you do not have one or more zany, dreamy co founders or owners on your team, seek out a cheerleader type to round out your team building.

The DOer

Big dreams are positively essential for company, but equally important is The DOer, who can translate those big plans into concrete plans of action. This is the perfect team member to run your meetings as they’ll be sure to turn all conversation points and agreements into follow up tasks or specific assignments. This person might already exist as the Project Manager at your company, and if so, definitely keep them in mind for larger opportunities and central roles in growing your business.

The Data Connoisseur

Overall, all small businesses should be moving towards more data-centric and data-informed operations. Make sure your business is on the most direct and smoothest path with The Data Connoisseur! There are lots of different data points one can capture, especially in the digital space, but which ones matter most for your company, your goals, and your industry? The Data Connoisseur is more than an expert or simple aggregator, they love data, and understand each point’s intricate strengths and weakness, as well as how they all relate to one another. If you are seeking out a Data Connoisseur, look for passion, not just a mathematical background. These days, any good Data Connoisseur will also be incredibly digital and software savvy too! No matter what your industry, data is the key to growth!

The Friendly Smile

People, and customers, still make up the very foundation of most businesses. The Friendly Smile is essential to putting your best foot forward with those who use, interact with, or partner with your business (everyone!). Robots or automated systems will never be able to ease the tension, or create a lasting relationship the way a Friendly Smile can. Whether you utilize this person as your spokesperson, customer service representative, or perpetual MeetUp meeting attender, this essential team member will help your business grow by being the master of the human-to-human connection. No team building is complete without The Friendly Smile!

No matter where you find these key components, with a little training and individual attention, you can cultivate these team members into strong leaders for your company.When brought together, the power and impact these four team members will have on your business will be astounding! What other personality types have you found to be essential to your company’s team building?

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