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In The News: The Cloud Storage Price Wars


This summer there has been quite an epic battle unfolding in the business newsroom: the cloud storage price wars. Small business owners should take note: the ever increasing competitive pricing of the major technology giants Amazon, Google, and Microsoft for cloud storage is of great benefit to consumers and small businesses by leading to lower prices for greater storage abilities and a new standard of “storage”.

The benefits go beyond just great prices for expanding cloud storage. In a waterfall effect, many other consumer companies like Flickr are following suit by dropping their storage fees for using their cloud-storage based services, and products like the Amazon phone and tablet computers are beginning to offer free cloud storage for your device’s photos or music. It’s reasonable to assume the price wars will likely end in free cloud storage for all, offered by most major companies- hurray!

Here is a quick recap of the recent summer price cuts for cloud storage. Make sure you and your business cash in on the fabulously affordable results of the summer price wars!

Service 100 Gigabytes Max Plan
Google Drive $1.99 per month 1 terabyte of storage for $9.99 per month
AmazonS3 $4 per month ($50/year) 1 terabyte for $0.03 per GB per month
Microsoft OneDrive $1.99 per month 200 gigabytes for $3.99 per month
Apple iCloud only offers 20 GB for $.99 per month 200 gigabytes  for $4 per month
Dropbox $9.99 per month. Dropbox Pro 1 terabyte for $9.99 per month
Box $5 per month. Unlimited Storage for $15 per month

Thanks to great press coverage and added security features, cloud storage has become the new business standard. It’s accessible, increasingly secure, and elastic! Many business analytics expect that 99% of small businesses will move to the cloud in just three years!

As consumers increasingly expect their lives to be cloud based, businesses will also have to utilize the cloud so that their services can meet such expectations. An increasingly popular example of cloud based customer expectations includes offering digital account summaries, receipts  and invoices. Funding Gates’ software helps you manage your Accounts Receivable in the cloud for greater organization and accessibility. With great prices and usability, why not hurry on up and make use of the great cloud storage services out there?

As Infor CEO Charles Phillips said recently” “Friends don’t let friends build data centers.”

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