Why Unique Job Titles Make Everybody Happy
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In Favor of Funky Job Titles


Pictured above: The Cowgirl Princess of Funding Gates, also known as the Director of Customer Happiness. Director of Fun for short!

Recent research by the The Academy of Management found that “self-reflective” and unique job titles contribute significantly to employee happiness. They can impact the way employees feel about themselves, and also their work. The right job title can convey not just job function, but an employee’s value and personal identity within a larger organization as well.

There’s a growing trend amongst young, hip, and start up companies (including Funding Gates) to list out unique job titles in their job openings, and to allow current employees to create their own job titles. The impact can be huge – especially for high stress jobs like health care, customer service, human services. The Funding Gates customer service and community management team opted to call themselves “Customer Happiness Experts”.

Even well known, established brands like the Make-A-Wish Foundation allow employees to come up with their own titles – something that would reflect their role in creating magical experiences for children. For example, the Fairy Godmother of Wishes heads the company and the Minister of Dollars and Sense is in charge of finances. Cute!

Research demonstrates that allowing employees to create their own unique job titles helped them reflect on their value to the organization overall, and helped reduce emotional exhaustion. It was easier to feel comfortable, “like themselves”, with job titles that portrayed their unique identity and personality. Research on healthcare workers found similar results.

Since emotional exhaustion is known to result in more illnesses, higher intent to quit, and lowered performance, self-reflective titles can make a big, beneficial difference to employers.

Here at JuvodHR, we’re way ahead of the unique job title trend, and have database of over 14,000 job titles pre-listed for you to help you identify which fun and funky job title is ideal for your business, and will help you attract the perfect candidate. You can also draw inspiration from our numerous title suggestions and listings to adjust your current employee titles. Most importantly of all, we suggest letting your employees pick their own title. They are, after alls experts at what they do.
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