10 Unusual but Awesome Accounting Jobs
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10 Unusual And Awesome Accounting Jobs


All accounting jobs deal with  numbers, and nearly all industries need accountants. This means you can fulfill your dream of being in the NBA or FBI, as their accountant. Can you imagine crunching numbers for one of these exciting and glamorous industries?

  1. Hollywood. Every movie production company (MGM, Pixar, ) needs a lot, and we mean a lot of accountants to help them figure out movie budgets, sales and merchandise taxes, licensing, and so much more! It’s well known within the industry that the accountants get to attend the big star-studded parties too!
  2. The FBI & CIA. Forensic accountants conduct the financial portion of criminal investigations for a variety of different authoritative agencies, and in today’s increasingly complicated world of global terrorism and crime, more accountants are needed to hunt down the biggest and baddest guys around.
  3. Major League Sports. So maybe you wouldn’t make it as a walk on for the NBA, MLB, or MLS, but you could most definitely sport the team colors from the accounting department! Professional sports teams, and sports companies (what’s up Nike!) have large scale finance departments to handle the millions of dollars brought in by the sporting brand every season. The sports industry is increasingly putting emphasis on income from branding and licensing, so the finance departments at these major league offices will only continue to grow. It’s hard to beat the perks of free tickets and sharing an office water cooler with your favorite sporting team! The photo for this article is a real life CPA for many NFL players, Dr. Karaffa.
  4. Google & Other Hot Tech Companies. Tech companies are all about getting creative with their business models, with means factoring revenues and paying taxes will become increasingly complex. You’ll love being apart of a jean and hoodie wearing, ping pong playing, office beer drinking workforce!
  5. Fashion Labels. Lucky for you, you stylish accountant you, the biggest names in fashion still need to manage their finances and file taxes. The biggest the brand, the biggest the finance department! The fashion industry has a particularly long cash-flow cycle and, therefore, needs financing to fund the period between production and sales. A good place to start in the fashion accounting world is a supply chain finance manager. They deal handle funding for long-term purchasing of materials and coordination of overall financial plans (budgets, forecasts and headcount analysis).
  6. Music Industry. If you have to pick an accounting niche (and you should!), why not become an expert in the financial details of the revenue generated by record labels? Just as major sporting associations and technology companies are getting increasingly creative with their revenue generation, so too is the music industry. With the advent of Singles, MP3 downloads, and “sampling”, it’s a good time to throw your hat into the ring to help the biggest names and music file their 1040s accurately and manage their allowed deductions.

We knew accountants were cool, but did you know they could be this cool?

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