How To Be More Productive: what to put off & what to do!
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How to Be More Productive: What to Put Off & What to Do NOW


When running a small business, your time is both incredibly valuable, and probably very packed. When your small business depends on you, it’s very important to make every minute count! If you’re like most small business owners, wondering how to be more productive, this is the guide for you! We’ve outlined some of the 2 most important areas of growing and running a small business, that you should focus your time on first.

Most Important: Customer Service

Customer service is a great place to start because it’s a “gateway” to so many other areas; your business’ reputation, customer loyalty ($$), word of mouth marketing, and sales (yes, customer service can = sales). It’s important for the head of business to remain involved in the customer service project. You should make sure questions are being answered correctly and professionally, and review the customer requests regularly.


Do Now: Put Off:
Answer pressing customer issues and purchasing questions Answering “cold lead” questions (people who are unlikely to become a customer in the near future)
Create a thorough FAQ section on your site (& direct some queries there)
& have your team use common responses templates.
Hiring more staff
Once a month, review the most common customer requests (or a curated list) Costly customer surveys
Once a week, review customer services answers for correctness and professionalism Reading and/or answering every question yourself.
Curate and encourage a customer loyalty program Overly focusing on NEW customers


Top Priority Checklist for Customer Service:

 An email and phone number listed on your website

  A customer loyalty program (how to do this)

 Active cataloging and consideration of customer requests

 Offer what your customers want!

 A “within 24 hours” policy for answering produce issues. Customers expect this now.

 Train your customer service team to prioritize customer service inquires as Hot, Warm or Cold leads. Respond to requests according to this hierarchy.

 Have a thorough FAQ section on your site and use common response templates for customer service efficiency

Second Most Important: Marketing

Every second you spend marketing your small business is time well spent. This is how you increase your business’ profits, and grow your reputation as a strong, reliable business.

There are some marketing efforts that are more productive than others, so if you’ve only got a few hours to spend on this area, here are the best tasks to focus on throughout the week:


Do This Put off
Update your website’s information Upgrading your website to a fancier design (unless your current site does not meet the basics)
Offer coupons on your site Offer coupons in the newspaper
Participate in local events (how to do this) Advertise on local billboards
Own and manage your online review profiles (how to do this) Trying to be on EVERY social platform
Network with local reporters who might write a story about your or your business Buying a lot of print advertisements
Make your site Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Buying a lot of online, banner ads


Top Priorities Checklist for Marketing Efforts:

Your Business’ Website:

 It should be regularly maintained, with up-to-date information and styling. No summertime or beach imagery in winter!

It should be clear, easy to navigate, & as informative as possible (how to do this)

 It should offer coupons, or advertise sales for new customers

Your Business’s Reputation:

  Your business should participate in local events (how to do this)

 You should be top of your online review profiles (how to do this)

 You should network with local news outlets to get at least one story done about you or your business (and link to it on your site!)

 Your site should be SEO (this relates to your reputation with Google, and search results)

Keep the productivity training going with these tips and tricks:




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