The Best Small Business Website Ideas: Optimization!
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Small Business Website Ideas: 12 Ways to Optimize!


Optimizing, it means so much more than just SEO now. Everyone knows that for your storefront, the most important thing is location, location, location! Well when it comes to your online presence, the key is optimization, optimization, optimization! You want to make sure that the user isn’t immediately turned off by your design, and that you’re doing the best job possible to encourage them to take action. There are many small business website ideas out there, but features that optimize your website will bring you the greatest rewards.

Whether your desired goal is increasing views on your blog posts or getting a customer to check out, optimizing your business’ online presence will help you get there quickly and under budget! With an optimized webpage, you’ll also create an immediate favorable impression.

Here are 12 great tips to optimize your homepage, any page and all pages!

1. A one column layout will give you more control over your narrative. It should be able to guide your readers in a more predictable way from top to bottom. Our site uses this one column layout:

website ideas one column design is best

2. Give a little something, like a free month of service or a “new visitor” discount, and you’ll get a fair amount back- they’ll be more likely to take action upon their first visit, and your gift will create goodwill that keeps them coming back for more. Many website ideas focus too much on this option however. You don’t want to make this the main focal point of your website, it looks cheap.

3. Social Proof is one of the easiest things to add, and one of the most effective. Show people you’re popular! This can be done in many ways. A view counter, a customer counter (remember McDonald’s “now serving” signs?), or a social counter that connects your site to your social accounts are some of the most popular. People will automatically give your brand more credit if they see others have already done so!

website ideas for showing social proof

4. Call yourself an expert! You are, no one knows your business better than you! So give yourself the credit, because it makes a big difference to anyone viewing your website or credentials.

5. Be upfront about how you can provide a solution! Call out the problem directly, then explain your solution. This applies to every industry! From “Wish you could find a trustworthy repairman for a reasonable price” to “wish you could find the perfect dress for your body type” – your business is designed to solve a problem isn’t it?

6. Ask for small commitments. People are more inclined to make a big commitment, if they make a little commitment first. This usually relates to changing the text on your buttons from “Yes” or “Learn More” to “I Want The Best Carpet Cleaner NOW!”

7. Borders are out. Clean designs are in! No boxes or borders! No matter what website ideas or themes you’re currently considering, you’ll probably see this trend across the board.

top website ideas no borders

8. Less is more! The more choices there are, then the lower the chances of a decision actually being made and acted upon. Reduce the number of “offers”, options, or products you offer on the homepage, and emphasize certain options above others.

9. Local Pride! Proudly state your local pride, and include local flags or other insignia on your webpage. Most of your customers are likely local, and such local patriotism will make viewers immediately feel favorably about your small business.

10. Simplify The Process. No one in the website business will ever forget The Obama campaign’s famous redesign of their donation form. By breaking the donation process up into sequential steps, the campaign increased donation conversions by 5%, collecting millions of incremental dollars.

website ideas

11. Be Targeted. Don’t try to say your services are for everyone. People love feeling like they are apart of a special group. Use phrases like “Are you a budget savvy mom? Then you’ll love our Kids Specials!”.

12. Present larger numbers ahead of your prices. They don’t even have to be prices, you can first begin by listing out the thousands of customers you’ve already served, or the thousands of hours you have been in businesses. People feel better about any price if they see a larger number (any number) first!

Now you’ve got the tools you need to succeed! You should take the same care towards your website that you do towards your storefront. With these game changing optimizing tips, your business’ website will become the very best that it can be!


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