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Are You Getting Enough Feedback From Your Employees?


By Pam Waits, Ph.D., JuvodHR

Employee feedback is a win-win for all involved. You learn more about what’s really going on around the office and out in the field, and your employees feel valued and a part of the company. Small business owners should be warned, the majority of managers think they give enough feedback, but research shows that employees tend to disagree. When employees are ignored, or are asked for employee feedback infrequently, they feel like they don’t matter. They want to be recognized, to add value – to be part of something greater than themselves. Employees want to connect in a meaningful way – they want feedback and they want to be heard. How can you make sure you’re getting enough employee feedback to make your workers  feel valued? Here is our guide!

Develop a habit of connecting with your employees. At the end of the year, establish an annual practice of engaging all your employees in individual conversations. Arrange a 10-15 minute meeting with each employee to talk about THEM. Explain that you’re not conducting a performance review or talking about money, and most importantly, make sure the employee knows they’re not in trouble. The meeting is to obtain their input on their job and the company.

Make the meetings safe. Don’t use any information against them although you may gain useful insights as you prepare your performance reviews.

When you meet with your employees, thank them for their contributions. Identify something specific that they did well and tell them why they did a good job – how their actions helped the company. Highlighting employees’ strengths will increase their level of engagement producing clear and measurable positive impacts to the bottom line. Let them know you appreciate them.

Then turn the meeting over to them. They’re an important part of the business and offer valuable input. Ask them a series of questions about what they like and dislike about the company and their job. These sample questions will help you get started:

  • What went well this year?
  • What do you like best about working here?
  • What do you wish had gone better?
  • What do you like least about your job? The company?
  • How can I help you be successful?

At the end of the employee feedback meeting, thank the employee for their honesty. Be sure to follow-up on any outstanding issues.

Gift cards are nice, so are gloves and tablets. But in the end , what employees really want a conversation about THEM and their thoughts.

If you need help improving your bottom line using employee feedback, try JuvodHR, a revolutionary expert online system that will help you communicate responsibilities and evaluate performance. Having detailed job descriptions and structured performance reviews serve as an excellent base for year-end discussions.

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