Small Business Guide: How To Write a Job Description
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Crafting a Perfect Job Description to Net the Best Candidates


Whether you’re hiring your first employees or adding to your staff, the appearance of your posted job description is as important as the layout of your candidates’ resumes. If you’re lost when it comes to how to write a job description- don’t worry, we’ve got the guide for you!

A clear job description is like your business credit score – it objectively tells people what to expect before they do business with your company. With accurate information, you lower your chances of attracting severely unqualified applicants and having misunderstandings about a position’s duties once you hire someone.

Here are some tips for creating a comprehensive job description:

Provide essential information

If you look at a few job descriptions, you’ll see there are some common items. Here are some parts that must be included:

  • Job summary: Give a brief overview of the position and how it fits into your business.
  • Key duties: What will the employee do while working? List these as bullet points that include present-tense action verbs.
  • Qualifications: Do candidates need certain a education level, experiences, certifications or licenses to have the job? If so, list this information.
  • Location: Not guide on how to write a job description is complete without advising you to offer remote work if you can. At the very least, the location of your office will be a crucial search tactic of your potential candidates.
  • Type of employment: Is the position full time, part time, temporary or an internship?
  • Salary range: In addition to noting how much applicants can earn, explain if there are benefits and whether you’re willing to negotiate.


  • Company information: Tell the candidates a bit about your business.


  • Recruiter contact information: This information tells applicants how they can contact you if they have questions regarding the position or their application status.


Use clear language


When it comes to explaining how to write a job description, the single most important thing is to explain the position clearly. A confusing post will cause people to move on right away, without even considering your company. When writing any of the aforementioned parts of the description, you need to be precise. Don’t use wording that can be up for interpretation, such as adverbs. If you say, “employees will frequently use Microsoft Office programs,” your understanding of frequently can vary from what candidates believe. Instead, describe frequency with hours or percentages.


“Use inclusive language when writing a job description to avoid alienating potential applicants.”


Include evaluation standards


When laying out responsibilities, include details regarding how employee performance is assessed. Once you select someone for the job, he or she needs to know the grounds for termination. If the day comes when you have to let an employee go, you can use your job description to show how he or she isn’t fulfilling the position’s duties.


Happy hiring!


Editor’s note… don’t forget the importance of funky job titles!



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