Social Media Posting Ideas For Small Businesses
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What To Post? Social Media Ideas For Small Businesses


You should definitely be posting several times a day from your business’ Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (among the other crucial websites your business should be on).
Easier said than done though right? Well, here’s a handy guide full of great (and easy!) ideas for what to post on social media!


Sales & Promotions – Get creative with one day, flash sales or “bring your daughter and get 20% off” promotions. Your followers will stay tuned in to take advantage of these sales, and chances are pretty good they’ll share them with applicable friends and family (“Look Mary! Take your daughter in!”).

New Stock – Your stock, supplies, or offerings likely change with the seasons right? Well let everyone know that there’s new stuff to check out! Include a photo, pictures drive higher levels of engagement. Let your customers know via word of mouth or flyer that they should follow your social accounts for such announcements- this tactic is a great strategy to grow your followers! You can draw this out into several posts by vaguely announcing that exciting changes are coming to the store, then another post telling them when to tune in to hear the exciting announcement, and then finally the actual excitement itself.

ReShares – Encourage your customers to share photos or updates about being at your business or using your products, then reshare or repost! Social media users love attention like this! Resharing also bolsters your brand, it’s the best and most authentic kind of social proof there is, and simultaneously encourages more of your customers to share even more images or posts too!

Behind the Scenes Shots – Social media users love to see a glimpse behind the scenes of businesses. Show your team unpacking boxes, cooking up the dinner, or even just photos of your employees hanging out.

Holiday Posts – Never miss an opportunity to be conversation- wish your followers a happy holiday! This is an ideal situation to ask them questions to encourage engagement too!

Company Mission Statement – From time to time, simply post a declarative statement about something that matters to your company (we support organic) or parts of your company’s actual mission statement. It’s good to remind your followers what your company is all about, and social media users like to retweet or share declarative statements that they agree with! Avoid anything controversial or political! Great, crowd pleasing ideas for this category include: depending on coffee, supporting the environment, loving dogs or cats, your home state or town, excitement for happy hour or the weekend, and even which movie stars are your favorite!

Testimonials – “Best Pizza Ever” , “BrandName is SUCH a Lifesaver!” or other props given to your business make for excellent Twitter retweets. Be sure to include commentary or comments when retweeting (then the original customer can retweet your retweet- the cycle can continue!). Customers love interacting with a brand, and they’ll definitely appreciate your gratitude for their complementary comments. Need we even mention how great these posts will look to potential new customers?

Taking it Up a Notch

Inspiring Quotes – Include motivational, inspiring, or even just plain old encouraging quotes! Try to tag the speakers when possible- there’s always the chance they’ll share your post! This is a great category to get creative with. Use quotes from your favorite business leaders, authors, anything that resonates with you will likely also resonate with your followers.  Avoid political or negative sentiment. When it doubt about what to post on social media, go positive, friendly, and happy.
Pro Tip: If you have even basic photo editing skills, put the quote on top of a beautiful photo, and share the quote that way. Photos drive higher engagement levels on Facebook and Twitter.

Book Recommendations – If you Tweet and post on Facebook business owner insights or business advice (great tactic to earn the respect and partnership of your industry peers!), definitely include book suggestions. Give actual info, not just the book’s Amazon link. Share what you learned, or how this book impacted your business operations.

Company Milestones Share big accomplishments, new hires, and business expansions with your followers. They’ll love to feel like they’re apart of the show, and it’ll serve as excellent marketing for any potential new customers.

Funny Holidays – Take a play from some of the most successful social companies and wish your followers a happy national left-handers day, or happy coconut ice cream day! These types of posts usually see high levels of engagement across all the social networks. Do a little Google research to find silly, funky, or unique holidays that connects to your business, goods, or services.

Classics – When looking back as tips, advice, or other evergreen posts you’ve shared, did some see higher levels of engagement or impressions than others? Use ’em again! Your followers will grow with time, so chances are many of your current followers didn’t see your old post. A great example of this is looking as your business’ Google Analytics and seeing what the most popular page was on that day a year ago. Social media users find those types of tid bits very interesting!

Featured Hashtags or Trends – Some hashtags are fairly consistent, like #FollowFriday on Twitter or #ThrowBackThursday (#TBT) on Facebook and Instagram. Participate in these!
Check out these listing of all the top weekly Twitter hashtags you can participate in!

Local Pride – Your local followers will love funny, surprising, or wacky local trivia. Work in advance to compile about 100 or so interesting local fun facts and spread out your posts from this category over time.

Answer & Ask Questions – Stay on the look out for customer questions or comments, and respond back to them on the social network. It’ll encourage more customers to interact and show off your great customer service!

Interviews – Interview or profile your employees or customers. People love to read about other people, and chances are the friends and family of your profilee will share the post too.

Links to Useful Content – One of the easiest answers to the “what to share on social media” question is useful content! Share helpful resources with your followers. This could be local tourist guides or things relating to your industry- it will all work and be appreciated!

Pop Culture – Comment on major pop culture events like the Super Bowl, Grammys, or the season finale of The Voice for a chance to get your content seen by a larger-than-usual crowd! Use the appropriate hashtags so your tweets or Facebook posts will be seen! Customers will appreciate that you’re into the same things they are, and if you can find an opportunity for a joke or two, more social power to you! One of my most favorite examples is Hamber Helper’s “I woke up like this #flawless” tweet! If you don’t get that one, recruit your younger employees to help you create similar content!

Max Interactions – Retweet/Share or otherwise interact with other local businesses, related corporate chains, or even your local politicians. If they respond or retweet, you’ll gain exposure to their audiences too! This is a great tactic to try with local news reporters, news papers, or broadcast stations! Complimentative statements get the most reactions on social networks.

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