Funding Gates: 14 Exciting Changes from 2014
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Our Year in Review: 14 Exciting Changes from 2014


2014 sure has been fun! We’ve been up to a whole lot, trying to build the AR management app of your dreams and all. Our superb team at Funding Gates worked hard all year long to make cool changes and features a reality for our FG Receivables Manager platform, our menu of services available to small businesses and accountants, and the resources available  to everyone on our website!

Without further ado, here is our exciting year in review!

New App Features: 

  1. Click to Call – you can now make calls to your customers, right from within the app! Every call is recorded and stored within the customer’s communication history. Record keeping has never been easier!
  2. Multi User Visibility — now, all actions (calls made, emails sent, notes taken), are clearly attributed to the user who took them. This helps you keep track of your AR team, the accountant managing your AR, or your hired AR specialist (see Insourcing service below)
  3. Editable Reminder Templates – Users can save their edits to our pre-loaded reminder letters as templates. Whether a user likes to end with a joke, or add specialty payment plan options, they can now create their own personal templates.
  4. Proactive Reminder Templates –  users can now send a friendly reminder before the invoice is actually due. We’ve added an appropriately and strategically worded template to our mix!
  5. Access to Capital– we partnered with a small business friendly lender to help our user’s customers pay them back, fast. The invitation to get funding towards the invoice is now included in our email reminders
  6. Displaying Past Due Customers, not Invoices. This summer, When looking at the colorful graph that illustrates your past due invoices, you might have noticed we’ve moved the past due dollar amount. Here at Funding Gates, we believe that the focus of your Accounts Receivables management should be based upon the vendor and that business relationship. It’s much more significant to have many vendors past due than to have one expensive invoice past due. Viewing your Accounts Receivables in this way will help you identify larger problems, like the need to improve the quality of your vendors, or perhaps an unclear contract.
  7. Making Help More Available. We’ve added a direct link to our Help Center to help you find the answers you need fast,and get back to raking in the dough! If you select “Help” from the main drop down menu, it will take you to our FAQ section, which is chock full of answers and tips!

A full listing of our app’s functionality can be viewed at


New Funding Gates Services:

  1. Integration with Xero Accounting Packages – Our FG Receivables Manager now integrates with Xero! Looking forward to being the #1 AR management app for both QuickBooks users and Xero users now!
  2. AR Staffing by Funding Gates – Don’t have the time for AR management? Have a few, extra troublesome accounts? We now offer receivables management services!
  3. New Accountant Partnership Program – We help accountants grow their practice by adding receivables management to their practice (and billable hours!).


New Features Around

11. New Collection Call Scripts – To complement our extensive email template collection, we’ve added more collection call scripts for a wide variety of possible situations. From a proactive, friendly reminder call to a severe collections call, we’ve got you covered.

12. Invoice Hacks – Some invoices are more successful than others. Check out our resources for how to make sure your invoices are utilizing all the most effective characteristics and current best practices.

13. Personalized Blog Digests – Do you to get all our blogs tailored to your exact specifications? Whether you’re an accountant looking just for accounting blogs, or a small business owner looking to learn more about improving your digital presence, we’ve got a topic for everyone! Simply sign up at the bottom of any blog post, or email [email protected] with your preferences.

14. Social Perks – Are you following us on Twitter and Facebook? We share special discounts and other perks just with our followers, so make sure you’re a part of the cool club!

What’s your favorite? What would you like to see more of? We’re a very connected and caring team, we highly value your opinions!

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