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Think of your store’s window display as free billboards that you can change as often (or as infrequently) as you like. Don’t waste the opportunity to grab a potential customer’s attention with a boring or cluttered display.

Designing a gripping window display doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, as long as you focus on the right features: tell a story, use the space and lighting to your advantage, and keep things fresh.


Craft an Interesting Story

Don’t start planning your window display before you’ve decided on a theme or a story you want to tell. For example, if you wanted to create an Earth Day display in April for your photography studio, you might be tempted to display some of your photos of trees and nature. It’s a nice idea and might create a pretty display, but what’s the story you’re trying to tell?

Instead, you could go with the theme, “Go green this Earth Day.” This small adjustment opens up the photos you could display to anything green, not just nature, from a sprouting flower to a happy child wearing a green hat. Consider investing in some nice lettering that matches your brand. You can stick (and re-stick) it to your window for the times your story would benefit from displaying the words behind it.

A well-executed story is what will get your window displays (and your business) the attention they deserve. If a passerby picks up on the story theme, they’ll pause for longer to take in the whole narrative. Consumers are over-exposed to point blank advertising pitches, give them something fresh and unique- a story!

What Goes in the Window

Once you have your story, you can begin planning the window.

Less is more. Don’t clutter your display with all the props and products that might be relevant. Use as few items as you need to get your story across. Or choose only one item and use a lot of it. Two pretty photographs of flowers might be nice to look at, but dozens of flower photos with a similar color palette will really grab the casual passerby.

Disorganized clutter makes it easy to look away from a window, but bold colors and shapes make it tough to walk by a display without a second glance. Use creative colors, shapes, or sizes of props to surprise and delight your customers. Inexpensive splashes of color can come in the form of colored tape, crepe paper, or crumpled tissue paper.

Make sure to mark where your customer’s eye-level is, since it’s usually not obvious from within the window. You want the focal point of the window to be right at, or just below, this height, but make use of many vertical planes! Hang props from the ceiling, and get creative with covering the floor of your display area.


The Times They Are a-Changin’

Once you’ve put together your engaging and imaginative window display, get ready to part with it within a month or two at the most. Not all of your displays need to be seasonal, of course, but leaving the same display for too long, even if it’s amazing, makes your window boring again.

To keep the display fresh without letting it consume too much time, try to work ahead. While you’re brainstorming ideas for right now, you may come up with great ideas for other seasons. Write them down so you can use them when the time comes!

For displays that aren’t necessarily season-specific, plan for slight tweaks you can make to mix things up. The photography studio might get eight large prints of crowd-favorite photos and then rotate two or three of them at a time, with different colored easels and frames each time.

With each display you create, you can learn more about what works. Which displays bring in new customers? Ask them what caught their attention and emulate that next time. The more you experiment, the faster you will master the art of window displays! is a great source of inspiration and new ideas!

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