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Funding Gates ♥’s Xero


Here at Funding Gates, we take new partnerships to heart. We want to make sure we’re only bringing the very best of the best to our loyal customers, and it’s important to us to stay true to our mission of making life easier for small businesses and accountants. Therefore, it is with much joy we announce to you our new partnership with Xero accounting software. As many of you already know, we began by integrating with QuickBooks accounting packages. So why did we we pick Xero as our next accounting package partner? We felt our mission statements were well aligned, and that together, we could accomplish even more for small businesses and accountants.

Here are some of the top reasons why we ♥ Xero:


They help accountants expand their businesses. Helping accountants grow their practices is a big priority for us- and we love that Xero is committed to this goal too!  We both know today’s modern accountants are expanding their repertoire of accounting services well beyond taxes to include things like budgeting, exit planning, and receivables management. To accomplish all this with ease, today’s accountants embrace the technology available to them, and are interested in utilizing as many apps and add-ons to their accounting software as possible. Xero succeeds in this area exceedingly well. Their Add-on Marketplace is incredibly popular, and includes 18 different categories of apps to supplement the foundational Xero accounting package.  Nice!

[Learn more about how the FG Receivables Manager can help accountants grow their practice here!]


They believe in small business. Xero’s software aims to be as accessible and helpful to small business owners as possible- same! In addition to providing the best software solution possible, Xero also provides unlimited of customer support and helpful learning resources for small businesses- same! They understand that small business owners come in all shapes and sizes- same!

small business owners

Xero’s Homepage Celebrating Diversity in Small Business Ownership


They’re beautiful. Xero software’s beauty is so much more than “skin deep”- the sleek designs and delightful interface come together to create an app that’s easy to use, and easy to teach. We also prioritize the user experience, and wanted to create an app that allows you to breeze from one task to the next. It’s important that a tool is easy to learn, and easy to incorporate into your workflow. Xero and Funding Gates are definitely on the same, well designed, page on this one.

With Great Power, Comes Great Accessibility. We made our FG Receivables Manager accessible to you any time, anywhere, via the cloud– Xero has done the same for accounting softwares. Now small business owners and accountants can access their data while on the go or while at home, expanding the possibilities of productivity and convenience. Whether you want to work on your own terms, or have the opportunity to work at all (hello stay at home parents), we love that Xero brings the office to you wherever you are, just like we do!


They Love Collaboration. Just like our FG Receivables Manager, Xero’s accounting software allows for multi user accounts and collaboration. We both agree, the more the merrier! We definitely believe that in today’s busy world, your business can grab a competitive edge through collaboration between team members and between businesses and their accountants!

xero cloud accessibility

Xero’s Ultra Accessibility- work from anywhere!


So there you have it. Want to learn more? Go on over to and find out for yourself!

Funding Gates ♥’s Xero

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