12 Small Business Marketing Tips To Attract Customers
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12 Marketing Buzz Words to Grab Customer Attention


My favorite thing to write about is small business marketing tips! To kick off 2015, I am going to introduce you all to the concept of “buzzwords”. In the marketing and advertising world, buzzwords are key signifiers of what consumers are most interested in, and what they value the most. They are the things that were most discussed or shared by consumers.  By making sure your small business is in line with these popular concepts and themes, you’ll increase attention and preference for your products and services.  Scouring the web (and data!), I’ve compiled a list of the top 12 marketing buzzwords, especially for small businesses that are shaping consumer choices for 2015. Take a look at our list:


Organic and Sustainable

adj. noting or pertaining to a class of chemical compounds that once comprised only those existing in or derived from plants or animals. Sustainable: not over-taxing the environment. Involves the materials used or methods employed.

The more consumers learn about the dangerous chemicals that can be present in our foods, the more important natural, healthy, organic options are becoming. But with no official standards from the FDA for what can be labeled as organic, it’s become a marketer’s free-for-all. If you’re going to make use of this marketing buzzword, make sure that your product lives up to the title. Rapidly increasing numbers of customers now want and prefer organic options (for anything!) and highly value companies who provide it- so try to rise to the occasion!


(sel-fee) n. a photograph that one takes of oneself with a digital camera or a front-facing smartphone, tablet, or webcam, especially for posting on a social-networking or photo-sharing website

The selfie may have hit its peak in late 2013, when it was chosen as Oxford’s word of the year—but more than a year later, this buzzword isn’t going anywhere. Along with its new baby brother the Usie, selfie is continuing to take the advertising world by storm. From Hooters to Toyota, all kinds of brands are leveraging the selfie to engage with customers of all ages, especially on social media!


(in-sahy-der) n. a person belonging to a limited circle of persons who understand the actual facts in a situation or share private knowledge
This one’s pretty straightforward. Everybody loves being an insider. Alluring consumers with special knowledge, perks, and exclusive treatment is key to building long-term customer loyalty. Providing “behind the scenes” glimpses or “members only” discounts to your social followers is a quick and easy way to employee this buzzword and strategy!



(kuhs-tuh-mahyz-uh-buhl) adj. to modify or build according to individual or personal specifications or preference

One size fits all is a thing of the past. Individual consumers have individual needs, and they expect products to be tailored to those needs.



(si-kyoo r) adj. dependable; firm; not liable to fail

From the announcement of Target’s hacker invasion early in the year, to the leaked celebrity photo scandal, to Sony’s recent massive data breach—security was a big issue in 2014. With the safety of their precious personal data at top of mind for consumers, expect “secure” to be a term often used in the coming year. Don’t worry, we wrote a handy guide to bringing your small business up to speed to avoid hackers! Assuring your customers that their information is completely safe with you is one of the most important of all small business marketing tips.



(ef-ert-lis) adj. requiring or involving no effort; displaying no signs of effort; easy

Your customers are busier than ever before. With so much to accomplish in a given day, each individual process needs to be quicker, simpler, more effective. Touting your product or service as “effortless” is a great way to attract these way-too-busy consumers.



(fam-uh-lee, fam-lee) n. any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins

Whether it’s promoting family values or making customers feel a part of your family, this buzzword highlights between individuals and makes potential buyer feel like they belong. This is incredibly important for businesses in small towns!


Customer Love

n. a feeling of genuine affection and deep gratitude communicated by brands toward their most loyal customers. Alternatively by equally important, is the feeling a customer has towards a company, beyond just “preference”.

Gone are the days of simple “customer appreciation,” and being “customer-centric” will no longer do. These days, customers want to feel the love, and brands want to be loved by their customers. Consumers want a genuine indication that product makers truly care about their well being (relates heavily to “organic”) and are taking no short cuts when it comes to the products being pitched to the. There are many ways to show customer love, such as building in special perks for long-standing customers. The benefit of a customer loving your brand? Much more likely to refer you new customers, and spread positive word of mouth marketing. Think “brand evangelist”, but better!



adj. evidence based progress in an activity compared by data rather than intuition

Data-driven results. Data-driven decision making. Particularly in the B2B realm, this buzzword is all the rage. Gut-level decision making isn’t enough anymore—consumers want to know that the investments they are making into their business are based on nothing less than the latest research and analytics. If you’re a B2B, new customers will likely expect and demand to see data-driven methods and practices.



(moh-buh l) adj. pertaining to or noting a cell phone, usually one with computing ability, or a portable, wireless computing device used while held in the hand

This buzzword has been in play for several years. But by now, for consumers, mobile has graduated from a perk to a requirement. If your site isn’t mobile friendly or your service isn’t accessible on the go, your customers will quickly jump ship to a competitor who can meet their needs wherever they are. Apps are where you need to be these days!


Easy Pay/ Mobile Pay

adj. noting or pertaining to any mobile pay system, whereby the actual credit or debit card is not swiped, instead, payment information is transferred using a phone. Card data is not stored by the business.

Customers are now particularly wary, and fearful of data breaches, especially small business customers! Easy pay technologies like Apply Pay, Google Wallet, Walmart’s CurrentC and LoopPay are increasing in both number and popularity. Don’t let your small business get left in the dust and lose sales! Just as cash transactions have declined, so too might physical credit card usage. One of the most consistent and important small business marketing tips of all time is to stay current with customer’s preferred technology!

Internet of Things 

n. a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data
First it was just computers, then the internet made its way to our phones and tablet devices. But online capabilities are expanding, and watches, cars, shoes, and jewelry with online capability are all fashionable right now. Expect to see the growing Internet of Things (aka IoT) invading all areas of marketing this year. Appeal to your customers by making this reference on your website and on social media. Most importantly of all, make sure you are participating in the IoT by allowing for online sales, customer support, and other features on your website!

There you have it! Twelve consumer buzzwords to kick your 2015 marketing into overdrive. What’s your favorite marketing buzzword to grab your customers’ attention?

You should include some of the most important of the buzzwords on your packaging too!

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