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7 Things Interns Look For, Explained by an Intern.


If you want to get some quality help into the office, you’re going to need to learn how to attract the best interns. But how? As an intern, I’ll let you in on the secret– here are the top 7 things we’re looking for when applying for internships.

1. A Cool Company and Internship Description

Interns like to be proud of where they work. When you have a cool internship and you get asked where you intern, you LOVE the opportunity to tell your friends and family about your new job. It makes you feel like you are finally getting your life together. You can go home and tell you parents that yes, you might not be sleeping on their couch until you’re 50. It’s a delicate moment of pride and maturity.

This being said, it’s important that you have a cool description to go along with your shiny new internship. No one is excited by the promise of filing papers and making excel sheets all day. Even if this is the truth, it’s important to give your potential new intern a glimpse into the exciting world of your business. On top of all this, it’s important that your company is cool. You might be wondering how it’s possible to do this… don’t worry, it’s possible. For starters, it’s important that you and your employees have pride in your products/ services and that you have pride in your company. Confidence is a big secret to a company being cool.


2. Sweet Office Decor and a Rad Office Space

Let’s be real here. It’s hard to feel engaged or excited when you’re working in a dull office cubicle. Sitting alone all day behind a desk and not interacting with any other co-workers is not something that would excite most interns. If your office decor is pretty low-key, it might be time to jazz it up!

As interns, of course we all want to be able to sit at a cool desk and have a great view. BUT, it’s highly unlikely an intern desk will have a skyline view, therefore, it’s important that the office mood is set by the decor. When interns come to interview at your company, one of the first things they’ll do is take a glance around the office and see if they can picture themselves spending lots of time there. To emulate a fun, productive office, putting some thought into your decor is important for business owners. You don’t need to blow your budget on it, but there are a couple solutions that would help. To start, having a proper workspace, some plants, some cool art, a break area and an organized, uncluttered work space always gives good vibes. For more tips on office decor check out this post!


3. FOOD!

Alright, if there is one thing that college students can appreciate, it’s free food. When students are in debt up to their necks, it’s a challenge to be able to always eat regularly and eat decent food. Providing interns with a few snacks here and there and options in the fridge will go a lot farther than you might think! Coffee is a very, very good place to start.

food for interns

Food for interns


4. Learning Opportunity

Yes, you read that right. Interns like to learn. As much as it might seems like it would be super awesome to sit around all day with nothing to do, this isn’t always the case. You are able to gain experience in a professional setting that you aren’t able to get in a university classroom. Being taught how to deal with real business situations and being shown tricks and tips that come with the job are things that interns will carry with them into their own full-time jobs one day. Also, it’s ok to tell your interns that they are doing something wrong or not doing it the way you would like. We are not expecting to be experts and getting told how to improve our methods will only make us better!


5. Fun Coworkers

Having fun coworkers is a perk at any office. Of course this is something that is hard to control, but it’s something that interns always value. “Being fun” doesn’t mean not getting any work done, it just means having the ability to be productive WHILE also enjoying the team you are working with. A few staff parties and bonding opportunities would never hurt either, if the opportunity is there! Try eating lunch with your intern or having group coffee breaks. Also be sure to ask your intern about their school work or personal lives from time to time, you will find common interests much easier than you might think.


6. Feeling Valued

Having the title “intern” still means you are an intern, and yes you are not about to expect the ability to negotiate with the higher ups, BUT, it is nice to feel respected and valued when it’s deserved. Asking an intern for their opinion or feedback is a big compliment in internland. Even if it’s as simple as their color preference for a font or choosing a picture, it’s nice to feel valued in the office! Make sure you give them a title beyond just intern, like “Social Media Intern” or “Assistant Content Manager”. They’ll feel great emailing on your behalf with a nifty signature of their very own. It’s the little things!


Job title for Interns

Job titles matter to interns


Alright, this last one should be no surprise. As noted earlier, interns are typically young college students who are just looking to put their foot in the door. Giving them free company giveaways or ways little surprises will mean a lot to them. Free things like a water bottle, a pen or a car (JUST KIDDING) or other corporate giveaways will not only provide a little free marketing and promotion, but it’s a great way to any interns heart.



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