The 10 Best Examples of A Facebook Page For Business
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The 10 Best B2B Facebook Pages


With over 1 Billion users, Facebook is basically like a second internet, and a must for all businesses, even local small businesses or business to business (B2B) enterprises. If you think that the nature of product, service, client-base or location means you don’t need a Facebook page, think again! There are many ways that a Facebook page for business can boost your ROI, beyond just providing direct leads on sales or opportunities. Check out these ten  examples for some great practices in Facebook marketing. Some of these company names might surprise you, but all are benefiting from having superb Facebook pages and Facebook features.  Look no further for great ideas to succeed with your Facebook page for business. No matter what your business is, try out some of these strategies and let us know how it works out!

1. AIG

For American International Group, a multinational insurance group with nearly 100 million customers in 130 countries, their biggest challenge is maintaining a seemingly human face for their mega-company. AIG does an excellent job of highlighting their human side by showing individual teams from the company doing volunteer work and elaborating on that work in a blog post. Seeing something like this pop up in a news feed definitely helps put a friendly face (and a socially conscious one at that!) on AIG. For small businesses operating in small towns and communities, it’s especially important to highlight your support for your local community.

The 10 Best Examples of A Facebook Page For Business


2. MetLife

MetLife does a fantastic job of producing interesting, shareable posts that still relate to their industry. This “Throwback Thursday” example works on many levels– it’s a cool little piece of history that users are likely to send to someone they know who would appreciate it and it’s also related to MetLife’s general area of safety. What takes posts like this to the expert level is their real time marketing (it’s relevant to current happenings i.e. winter weather!) and use of hot trends like the “Throwback Thursday” hashtag. MetLife understands how their fans use Facebook, and uses that knowledge to make their posts as interesting and relevant as possible!

10 best examples of a facebook page for business


3. Aetna

Aetna, a health insurance company, shows us a great example of how to “expand beyond the blog.” We know that Facebook is a so-called microblogging platform, and that’s how most people (and companies) use their pages. However, as Facebook constantly innovates their product, the savviest companies will take advantage. In this example, Aetna uses some of their experts to create an interactive app that provides useful information for their clients. This combination of providing expert advice to common questions via an interactive application is a great idea to steal for your own Facebook page for business.

facebook page for business


4. Chevron

Another key function that a B2B Facebook page can perform is highlighting the thought-leaders of your company. Chevron does that and more with this post. Highlighting a female thought-leader is not only progressive, but is (unfortunately) uncommon. Encouraging young women to seek a career in a typically male-dominated profession builds Chevron’s brand much positivity. Also take note that they chose to highlight an “environmental specialists”– a great move for a company in the energy industry, which has faced its fair-share of negative publicity on environmental issues. Shape your brand’s image and perception by what you choose to post!

facebook page for business


5. Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro has an awesome cover photo! This vital section of your Facebook page is the very first thing that users see. On top of an eye-catching image, their clear slogan gives users a perfect, single-phrase that perfectly captures the company’s mission. The arresting image not only grabs our attention, but reminds us of the child-like wonder with which we all view new technology. It’s beautiful and gives you an immediate impression of the company.

An Example of a Great Facebook page for business


6. GE

This fascinating, cool infographic from General Electric achieves two things all Facebook marketers should seek. First of all, it’s cool! A creative, original infographic that is well designed and thought-provoking. But GE doesn’t stop there– the question at the top further drives user interaction with this and the question creates more incentive to share.

facebook page for business


7. NationWide

NationWide is also “expanding beyond the blog” in an even more innovative way. They’re not using apps to provide more content-marketing, they’re using a Facebook app to provide a customer service that is central to their business– the insurance quote. By allowing users to do this via Facebook, it really adds to the convenience factor and captures those who would shy away from visiting an external site to get one.

best b2b facebook pages

8. Google

Lighten up! By providing this fun, well-designed infographic, Google creates sharable content that produces a chuckle. However, don’t think this is pure goofiness– Google is subtly highlighting the power of their search data by showing you that you can gather stats on almost anything from their service. Google is one of the most innovative brands out there, if they’re doing something on their Facebook page for business, you should give it a try too!

b2b facebook pages


9. 360i

Cultivating an aura of industry-expertise is absolutely essential for any B2B company. 360i does exactly that with a constant flow of marketing best-practices articles. Not only do their posts serve as incredibly useful pieces of information for marketers or small business owners, but they also show off the company’s expertise (let’s be honest, that’s the true underlying goal of creating content!).  “But why would anyone buy the cow if they can get the milk for free?” many ask. Well, there will come a time when a business has a big marketing problem, one that can’t be solved with 600 work blog post (sounds like most marketing problems!). When this happens, they’ll go to a company they know and trust, an expert in the business! Sharing breaking or recent news for your industry is a great way to get started with this tactic. Bonus points because 360i posts numerous posts per day, kudos!

best b2b facebook pages


10. Maersk Group

The shipping industry may seem pretty boring at first right? What useful or even interesting content could Maersk possible grace your news-feed with? Well, in the age of Instagram and Pinterest, even B2Bs can cash in on the love of visual stimulation. Maersk features beautiful, awe-inspiring photography of their impressive industry-leading fleet. This definitely changes the perception of their company, and the beautiful images are sure to stand out in even the most aesthetically pleasing feed. Look at how this image pops out at you!

best b2b facebook pages


What do you think? Did we miss one of your favs? Big or small, share which B2Bs have really blown you away on Facebook!




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