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Five Ridiculous Invoice Design Fails – DO NOT attempt


Invoices are a standard part of doing business, yet these still deserve some attention. A bad invoice will only add to your DSO problems. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the secrets to great invoice design right here.  When in doubt, just don’t attempt these horrible, annoying, and just weird invoice designs:

1. The Ole Switch and Confuse Invoice Design

Wait, what’s the party? Wait, is there a party? What is my gift…am I giving or receiving? Which invoice, what was it for?

via Debut Creative

2.The annoying, crying invoice:

Definitely don’t send your clients an invoice that makes their day miserable.

3. Well… where am I suppose to put this?!

Chances are they’ll put your super-sized invoice somewhere out of the way and usual, and then not pay (out of sight, out of mind). Good job. If you’re getting all creative, why not try something they’ll want to keep on their desk, to look at often- like flowers!

Our huge invoice

4. The Invisible  Invoice?

Because a lack of documentation is always a good idea.

via Vodafone

5. The Hand Written Invoice with no Design

A computer you say? What is a computer? Is that how I get to the super information highway?

“Well isn’t this hand written invoice design charming” – said no customer ever. A

bad invoice

Invoices…we all gotta send them. With SO MANY invoice design options and templates out there, how could you possibly decide which one is right for your business? Well, we here at Funding Gates say, why not opt for designs that encourage on time payment? IS there a better design theory? We think not!


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