The Advantages of Cloud Computing Are Rapidly Increasing
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The Experts Say: The Advantages of Cloud Computing Are Growing Fast


According to a new study from consulting firm Emergent Research and financial software company Intuit, cloud computing is on trend to revolutionize the way America does small business. The study believes the percentage of U.S. small businesses using cloud technology is expected to double by 2020. With the rise of demand and new services, the advantages of cloud computing are rapidly increasing and number.

Emerging cloud technology is touted for its ability to improve business efficiency—and entrepreneurs who have adopted cloud computing for the majority of their business processes see it as a total revolution in the way America goes to work.

So, what exactly makes so many small business owners so passionate about cloud computing? Here are a few of the most alluring benefits.


Work From Anywhere

It’s 2015. Are you still waking up, fighting rush hour, and going into an office every day?Even when you have no clients to see, no internal meetings, no work to do off your own computer? Do you feel that you have to choose between family time and office life? One of the most cited advantages of cloud computing is the ability to work remotely.

Some people love going to an office to work. They need the separation between their personal and professional lives to stay efficient and make things happen. If that’s you, great! Keep on going to your office.

Or, maybe you’re going to your office every day because that’s where all your files are? Because it’s the center of your working world? Maybe you’d actually like some more flexibility?

Progress in cloud computing means that for business owners and employees alike, going to a physical office should be a want to, not a have to. Embracing cloud technology means you can work from your bed with a cup of tea, or from a coffee shop on Champs-Elysees. The world is your oyster, my friend.

Do More With Less

For business owners especially, there’s another benefit to this cloud-based “work from anywhere” mentality. You guessed it—dramatically reduced overhead.

Imagine how your profits were change if you weren’t paying for office space? Or if you could replace time consuming administrative tasks like employee time tracking and payroll with automated services?

One of the great advantages of cloud computing levels the playing field for small businesses, allowing firms of just 3-4 people to compete with huge corporations.


Expand Your Talent Pool

When you embrace the cloud and let go of the brick and mortar office mentality, the talent pool available to your business explodes.

Know a fantastic engineer in Cincinnati? Or maybe a finance wizard in El Paso? Great! They’re both hired! Because if you can work from anywhere, so can they—and you can all work from everywhere together.

And the cloud doesn’t just expand your talent pool geographically. You can also take advantage of freelancers and part time talent.

Maybe you’d like to take some administrative tasks off your plate, but don’t have the budget or bandwidth for a full time assistant? With a cloud-based business, you can hire a virtual assistant and pay only for the time and the services you actually need.


Diversify Opportunities

According to the Emergent report, around 30 percent of small business owners with fewer than 20 employees currently hold at least one second job. By working with other cloud-based small businesses, entrepreneurs can simultaneously work for other firms while running their own business.

Other entrepreneurs are using the flexibility of cloud technology to operate more than one business at a time—diversifying income streams to set themselves up for the best chance at financial success.

It’s expected that in six years, 80 percent of competing businesses will be operating through cloud computing. That means chances are, your business will too.

Imagine the flexibility and freedom you could gain from being ahead of the curve on this technological trend.





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