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What B2B Customers Want: Your Product & Service Listing Page


B2B customers are a unique group of consumers. They are often “shopping” with purpose, feel more pressure to make the correct decision than a B2C customer feels, and tend to be incredibly busy. According to research, a vendor’s website is one of the most significant factors in a Business to Business customer’s decision to purchase. But what website elements matter the most to B2B customers? We read through KoMarketing’s insightful B2B report to bring you the best B2B website design tips, according to real B2B customers! Here is Part 2 of our What B2B Customer Want series: Product and Services

The Product & Service Listing Page

After your business’ contact page, having a fully loaded products and services section is the next most important section of your website, according to the B2B customers themselves. In looking at the typical viewing habits of a discerning B2B customer, this is most common destination after landing on your homepage.

In fact 90% of the B2B customers polled said they’d prefer to have the products/services listed right on the homepage, or at least easily discoverable or located.

What To Including In Your Listing

B2B customers overwhelming want to see a thorough product and/or service listing. They want to see everything available to them. For example, if you have products available in numerous colors, they want to see photos of that product in each color, not just the color swatches. For businesses with different service packages, B2B customers want to see all the items included in each package.

Thorough service listing

Funding Gate’s Thorough Service Listing

38% of B2B buyers also said they want to see technical information or specs for all products or services. If your technical information is quite extensive, consider making it available once a customer clicks on the picture/listing, or make it available as a pop up window.  Ship times were also highly requested data points by B2B customers,

40% of the B2B respondents said clear price listing is “must have” for their vendor evaluation. 50% of survey respondents said that the pricing info they commonly come across on B2B websites is “most lacking” of all website elements and info listed in this blog.

Include reviews of your products and services too – 28% of B2B customers said this was a crucial element for them to consider making a purchase. 42% of those polled said currently, the vendor websites they’s seen recently lack such product reviews (so get a leg up on your competition!).

Making Your Product & Service Listing Page Work For You

Here are some b2b website design tips straight from us, and Google. There are TONS of SEO (search engine optimization) opportunities on your product page. Every item listed should include a detailed description. These are the “keywords” that bring these B2B customers to your site to begin with!

According to Google, 71% of B2B researchers begin their entire purchase process with a generic keyword search, like “best commercial lawn mowers”. The average B2B researcher does 12 searches before selecting a company to investigate further. The more times your site comes up in their search, the more likely it is that they’ll click through to your site. By beefing up your product descriptions, you can increase the number of “keywords” (that the customer is search Google for) associated with your site. For what it’s worth, including local “keywords” in your About Us page will also help to this end, but more on that in the next series!

Another great tip from Google to appeal to B2B customers is to include videos on your products, explaining features or how it can be used.

70%  of B2B buyers are watching videos throughout their research for purchase journey. When asked, B2B customers said videos about product features were most preferred, followed by how-tos and professional reviews of the products or services.


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