3 B2B Marketing Trends To Try This Summer
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3 B2B Marketing Trends To Try This Summer


School may be out for summer, but the rest of us are still in the office, trudging along toward Q2 sales reports while dreaming of a tropical getaway(which you should take, by the way- science says so!) Our tips for which B2B marketing trends to try this summer are designed to improve sales leads and streamline your life, leaving more time for fun.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for a summer jam-packed with both business and leisure:

Keep Your Content Casual and Actionable

As we move into summer, your audience’s mind isn’t just at the office. Internet users are taking in a dramatic amount of content per day, both for work and personal interests.  For users to keep reading your content, it needs to grab their attention and be easy to understand.

Aim for a Flesch-Kincaid reading ease score of 60-70 to keep your content interesting, but not so complicated as to lose your reader’s attention. Great online writing should feel like an interesting chat with a close friend, not like a boring doctoral thesis.

But a conversational tone doesn’t mean skimping on content quality. In fact, with more and more B2B companies jumping on the inbound marketing train, the importance of high quality and genuinely useful content is greater than ever before. At this point, it’s nearly impossible to say something new and different online. Standing out from the crowd requires digging deeper with higher level information that adds immediate value for your consumer. Connect with companies who do surveys or reports- let them know you’re interested in getting on their distribution list!

With any piece of content you contribute to the world wide web, make sure it has clear lessons or takeaways…and goes beyond just entry-level tips. The most successful B2B content marketing efforts are all about sharing immediate, actionable advice that genuinely helps your consumer.

Focus on Social Media that Works

Near the end of summer last year, inbound marketing giant Copyblogger chose to kill its Facebook page, citing audience preferences and poor engagement as top reasons for the switch. Since then, the trend has been on among B2B companies to refocus social media efforts on where audiences truly live online.

Have you been faithfully investing over months and years with social media platforms that just don’t work for your business? Are you scratching your head over flatlined engagement on one platform, while another is generating consistent leads?

There’s no law that your business has to be visible on every social platform out there, so do what makes the most sense for your business. Don’t be afraid to focus on what works and forget the rest. Besides, fewer social accounts to manage will mean more time to work on that summer tan!

We do not suggest eliminating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Plus because:

  • These sites feed into Google’s search ranking algorithm
  • For most brands, they send more quality traffic to their site than other social networks
  • Customers commonly look to these outlets for social proof
  • Customers commonly look to these sites when conducting researcher on your company, goods, and services

Automate Marketing Efforts to Make More Time for the Beach

Active, real-time engagement is important to any successful content marketing strategy, but that doesn’t mean you need to manually publish every blog, tweet, or photo in real time! Step away from the mobile device and create some work-life balance this summer using our latest marketing automation favorites.

We’re loving CoSchedule this summer for streamlining and automating the blog and social promotion process. Instead of holding blogging and social media as two separate entities, CoSchedule allows your team to work together at drafting, editing, and scheduling blog posts along with social media drafts and scheduling to promote those blogs, all in one seamless platform. It’s a cinch to implement and streamlines the marketing project management process, especially for larger teams.

Another easy-to-use, cross platform tool to try is Buffer. You can schedule posts across all your social profiles in one place!

Automation is great for several social platforms, but what about Instagram? Don’t worry, B2B Instagrammers, we’ve got you covered, too.

In the past, the Facebook-owned image sharing platform held back advance scheduling capabilities by refusing to share its API. A few apps offered advanced planning and editing of instagram content, but posting still had to be done manually and in real time.

That’s all changed recently thanks to Australian newcomer Schedugram, which acts as an agency service to post your Instagram content for you, even while you’re sipping Mai Tai’s by the pool. If Instagram is a winner for generating your B2B leads, sign up for Schedugram, schedule your content, and move on to your smartphone free vacation.

Thinking about trying Instagram for your B2B? Allow us to point you in the direction of these guides:

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What B2B marketing trends will you be following this summer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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