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How To Find The Heart of Your Accounting Practice


According to plenty of research, summarized wonderfully in this article in the Harvard Business Review, 95% of purchase decisions take place unconsciously, as emotional decisions. The theory continues that most people assign a false logic to their decisions, when examining them later. It would therefore be quite beneficial to your practice to add several emotional appeals to your marketing and advertising. But how can you make selecting an accounting firm an emotional experience? By finding and showing the heart of your accounting practice. Here’s an overview of the emotional appeal marketing strategy for accountants.


Your Origin Story

Humans love origin stories. Nothing warms the heart like a journey from small to great. Ensure that your firm’s webpage has an About Us page that describes the founding of your firm and the journey to where you are today as a business. Take potential clients through your major accomplishments and highlights along the way. Include the best parts of your origin story on flyers or other marketing materials as well.

Without any kind of elaborate training, your love of your firm and your passion for accounting will automatically shine through in your writing, which in turn will come across when read by your potential clients. Being genuine is the best marketing strategy for accountants- it is your passion after all!


Make It About The People

The most successful kind of marketing and sales operations all operation on the foundation of relationships. People should “fall in love” with your brand, but also feel a real connection to the humans involved in the business. Your firm’s website should have a Meet The Team section where all the members of your practice share some insight into who they are- beyond just an accountant or bookkeeper. When potential clients are looking to work with your firm, they are actually looking to work with a person at your firm- so introduce the potential team members.

This marketing angle is particularly powerful on social media. Share profiles of your team members, “behind the scenes” candid shots, and posts sharing their real life triumphs like marriage or babies. Having great people makes your brand great.

Real relationships translate to brand evangelists and customer loyalty, the end goals of a well-done marketing strategy .


Make It About Dreams & Ambitions

When describing why a potential client or business should use your firm, connect the decision to their hopes, dreams, and ambitions for the future. These are powerful emotions that translate into real action (think about it, it’s what we’re all working towards 9am – 6pm).

You can create individual landing pages to address specific dreams like saving for a house and kids or starting a business, depending on the common aspiration of your niche market. As an accounting firm, it’s easy to connect their ability to achieve their dreams to services you offer.

Definitely use images and dream-based marketing on your social networks to inspire a wide audience. Images increase engagement on social media, ergo images that remind your audience of their hope and dreams will take your social presence to unprecedented heights.

On your blog and social network, share the hopes and dreams of yourself and you own employees! This will further the personal connection strategy, but also get the emotional wheels turning in your potential client’s brain.



The perfect ending to this piece of advice? The same research that found that 95% of purchase decisions are emotional, also found that when decisions were made using the emotional part of the brain, the “deciders” made the correct decision more often than those who attempted to only make a decision using logic.

Every accounting firm has a “heart”, because every accounting firm is made up of people. Successful marketing strategy for accountants can be based on emotions.



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  1. Lauren says:

    Wonderful post! A business should always think about their emotional approach to customers. Making sure to highlight your company’s success stories and the people who make up the company is very important. Thanks for sharing!

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