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Should You Include Pinterest In Your B2B Marketing Strategy?


Your small business may already on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your business and to cultivate potential leads into paying customers for your business (great job!)- but your work is not done yet! With an ever-growing number of social platforms available for business marketing, how do you determine where you should be investing your time and effort? Pinterest has long been popular with the B2C and simply C (customers!) crowd- but let us introduce you to the potential of  a solid B2B Pinterest strategy.

Should Pinterest be part of your B2B company’s social media marketing strategy? Consider these 4 signs to see if Pinterest could be a good fit for your business.

1) If Your Customer Uses Pinterest for Marketing

Just like you, your customer is spending her social media time in the places where she is most likely to connect with sales leads. So if your customer’s customer is on Pinterest, there’s a chance you should be there as well.

Pinterest is a common marketing platform for creative businesses, such as stationers, fashion, event planning companies, and interior designers. If you provide a product or service that could be of use to creative business owners, you might choose to connect with them on this platform.

For example, maybe you design websites, or provide marketing services for small businesses. These services could be particularly useful to a creative business owner, and Pinterest could help you make these connections.

Do some searches on Pinterest for keywords relating to your customers, and see what the popularity appears to be.

2) If Your Offering is Visually Compelling

Pinterest is first and foremost a visual medium. To gain clicks and inspire followers, you’ll need to share original and engaging visual content on a regular basis.

If you’re a bookkeeper or an attorney, for example, you might struggle to find compelling, “pin-worthy” content. Spreadsheets and service contracts aren’t particularly exciting to look at! Informative graphics can work if you put time into creating nice looking “pin”s. Another strategy for info-rich B2Bs is to use screenshots to create an instructional pin, Vincent Servello CPA, is a great example of both of these Pinterest strategies.

Don’t doubt the potential of bold colors and strong text- quote focused pins are incredibly popular on Pinterest and are a great way to introduce a blog.

Here are 8 apps for creating beautiful quote-based pins!

If your business is visual-focused, welcome to the magical world of Pinterest. Customers are now familiar enough with Pinterest, that they’ll include a Pinterest search when researching vendors for things like flowers, dresses, designing, or any category of service which can showcase their best work via Pins. These businesses can easily benefit from a Pinterest-connected marketing strategy, especially as consumers are increasingly expecting to see them there.

Any business with visual products should definitely keep track of the recently released Buy-able Pin feature by Pinterest.

3) If You Have Consistent and High Quality Owned Content

In addition to being highly visual, effective “pins” need to connect to equally compelling long form proprietary content. That means you need a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, or other long form content pieces (or all of the above!) for prospective customers to explore once they click on your pin. Not only do Pinterest users expect the pin to be “attached” to something, but it would be a shame to not have some asset of yours benefit from any repins or traffic opportunities from Pinterest popularity.

Pinning non-original content or content that doesn’t connect to a compelling company website doesn’t help to move prospects down your sales funnel. So if your blog needs updating or you’re lacking long form content, focus on those pieces first, before you add Pinterest to your content marketing to-do list.

Similarly, when choosing images to complement your blog or other content, keep Pinterest front of mind. Stock photos simply never perform well on Pinterest, for example. Check out a few of your favorite media/journalism brands on Pinterest for examples of how to combine excellent photos with blogs or other content.

4) If You’re Willing to Engage and Cross Promote

Along with your original content, you’ll need to engage with your audience in the form of re-pins, favorites, comments, and follows in order to gain your attention. Your original content is what will connect your followers to your offering, but reaching out and promoting other brands will help you gain those new followers in the first place.

Unlike some other social channels, Pinterest is almost exclusively a real-time social network. You won’t be able to schedule pins once a week and expect to gain any traction for your business. A successful Pinterest marketing strategy requires dedication to regularly curating content and engaging with prospects in order to make connections.

As much as you know that social media is important to growing your customer basis, there are still only so many hours in a day, and certain channels aren’t the best fit for every business. Ultimately, only you can decide how and where to best invest your marketing efforts to gain the results that your business needs.

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