5 Celebrities With Unpaid Bills
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Five Celebrities With Unpaid Bills


We’re in the business of getting people to pay on time. People or businesses may fall behind on payments for many different reasons (these are the most common)- but ultimately it can happen to anyone at any time. Here are 5 examples of delinquent payers that will probably surprise you- famous people!

1) Akon

In 2012, hip-hop singer Akon hired contracting company, Southern Electric, to perform work on his Georgia mansion. However, according to court documents, after the contractors finished more than $344,000 worth of work, they never received payment for their final invoice. Unfortunately for contractors and construction businesses, nonpayment is a common issue. Because of this, many businesses have developed iron-clad contracts that can help back them up, should they choose to take the delinque customer to court. Here’s how they structure their contracts to protect their business from nonpayment.

2) Walt Disney

Disney is a household name now, recognizable by even the youngest children. But did you know his first animation studio was a total flop?

Circa 1921 in Kansas City, Missouri, 20 year-old animation artist Walt Disney was contracted to create 12 one-reel cartoons (which he called “Newman’s Laugh-O-Grams” after the theater owner who screened them). To handle the workload, Disney hired a few other animators and founded Laugh-O-Gram Studios.

Though innovative, Laugh-O-Gram struggled financially, and soon Walt Disney was living at the studio. Staff left after an important contract tanked, and Disney began recruiting animators on a project-by-project basis. In 1923, Disney completed the first edits on a live-action/animation film called “Alice’s Wonderland”—then filed for bankruptcy, sold his camera, and took the train to Hollywood.

But the Laugh-O-Gram years were crucial to Disney’s future success. His contract with the family of Virginia Davis, child actress of “Alice’s Wonderland,” to continue the Alice Comedies marks the start of the Walt Disney Company. And the studio’s resident mouse, which Disney called Mortimer Mouse, provided the inspiration for Mickey.

3)Kate Gosselin

Reality star Kate Gosselin, from “Jon & Kate Plus 8”, is refusing to pay her counseling bills. In2009 Gosselin hired the Creative Energy Options firm,  which publicizes its services as executive coaching, leadership counseling, and a program on “mastering conflict in a family business.” The reality star left the counseling agency with an unpaid bill of $10,476, covering services and travel fees.  Gosselin claimed she never had a contract with the firm, but a judge ruled she must pay $10,300. Always make sure you have a

Never forget, it’s incredibly important to have a detailed and thorough contract with a client so there are no surprise or unaccounted for charges.

4) Nicolas Cage

In 2009, Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage made about $40 million dollars. But Cage was a reckless spender, particularly when it came to real estate. Purchases included medieval castles in Germany and England; New Orleans’s infamous LaLaurie Mansion (“the most haunted house in America”); and a 40-acre private island in the Bahamas.

That same year, the IRS filed a tax lien against Cage, alleging $6.2 million in unpaid taxes. Cage in turn sued his business manager, Samuel J. Levin, for fraud and negligence. The lawsuit alleged that it was Levin’s responsibility to stay on top of paying Cage’s taxes. Levin’s counter-complaint claimed that he had tried to halt Cage’s out-of-control spending. Other cases—including a foreclosure on his home in Las Vegas and a lawsuit from his ex-wife—pushed Cage further into financial trouble.

Cage was forced to sell many of his properties and high-value collectibles, such as an Action Comics #1, which sold for $2.16 million. He has been slowly paying down the debt to the IRS over the past several years.

5) Lindsay Lohan

Among many other financial missteps is Lindsay’s infamous hotel incident. After spending 47 days at the LA hotel Chateau Marmont during the filming of the Lifetime movie “Liz&Dick”, Lindsay skipped out on her final bill of $46,350.04. After ignoring countless collection calls and emails, the hotel ended up banning her in 2012. Finally, the hotel was able to resolve the situation after the Hotel’s owner, Andre Balazs, reached out to set up a repayment plan. Classic delinquent bill collection tactic Andre- bravo!

Were you surprised by these 5 celebrities with unpaid bills? Has a well-known customer ever stuck your business with the tab? If only these companies were using the FG Receivables Manager!


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