6 Accountant Certifications That Will Make Your Practice Stand Out
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Six Accountant Certifications That Will Make Your Practice Stand Out


Today’s business owners are more web-savvy than ever before, and this primarily translates into spending increased amounts of time researching before making a business decision. Google estimates that the average person performs 12 research-intensive searches before making a service or general purchasing decision. As a financial service provider, you’re now getting compared against other practices and firms more than ever before. Given such intensive due diligence, it’s crucial to have your firm’s strengths clearly displayed and to distinguish yourself against your competitors. The most effective way to do this is by having more accolades, accreditations and niches of expertise.

Membership in associations, accreditations and certifications effectively build customer trust. Your firm can also get a boost from the affiliate marketing programs often associated with certifications. Here are 6 accountant certifications in valuable niches and services that will help you stand out and grow your business

1. QuickBooks ProAdvisor (or Xero Advisor)

The foundation of an outstanding firm is expertise in accounting software. Not only will you learn many tips and tricks to make your accounting work more efficiently, but both accounting giants also provide extensive training on how to market your expert services. Whether for long-term accounting clients or short-term clients who need their finances set up, or help through a difficult time- both advisor programs can give your practice a boost. Both programs also come with a network listing to capture your firm new clients!

2. Funding Gate AR Specialist Certification

AR management is one of the most in-demand services for small businesses, and Funding Gates has the course to teach you everything you’ll need to know to implement this niche service. The AR Specialist accountant certification course even includes a section on how to market and price your services. Through their network listing and direct referrals you’ll also get new, inbound leads! As a bonus, they also supply you with visual marketing materials to use as needed to promote your new niche offering.

3. TSheets Time Tracking Pro

T-Sheets makes one of the most useful and effective business time tracking softwares there is- and they’ll make sure you’re an expert on how to use it. Not only can you expand into business operations consulting with this certification and their software, but you can also gain valuable insights into a business’ payroll and employee expenses to aide in your role as their accountant and business advisor. Their Pro certification also comes with visual marketing materials and a directory listing.

4. LivePlan Expert Advisors

LivePlan’s software is the perfect tool if you want to do more business planning for your clients. It’s an excellent software that not only analyzes performance by can also help you create intuitive, proactive business plans. Their Expert Advisors program trains you on their software and provides support for any accountants using their software as a business tool. With their software and course you could add the following niches to your practice: Budgeting & forecasting, financial advising, cash and profit metric benchmarking by industry, and business planning. Their accountant certification course grants you access to additional marketing and finance materials as well as a listing in their Expert directory.

5. Avalara Partner Certification

Sales Tax can get tricky, especially when you’re adding sales tax compliance to your list of niches for numerous clients in different jurisdictions. With Avalara’s various products and certification course- you’ll be able to handle the needs of your new clients (and new needs of your old clients) with ease. Their partner programs comes with marketing materials and a directory listing.

6. Fundera Advisor Network

Do you often come across clients or potential new clients who struggle to raise capital or get loans from the bank? Not surprising, since traditional banks are widely know to be reluctant to lend to small businesses. As a successful, small business loan marketplace, Fundera offers an advisor course that teaches you all you’ll need to know to be able to advise businesses on getting (or not getting) the right kind of loan for their needs. They cover spotting a cash flow hurdle before it happens as well as addressing current working capital problems. With their course you get marketing materials, a directory listing, referrals, and support help with their marketplace.

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