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How To Get Customers To Fall in Love With Your Business


You don’t want to be a “missed connection” for your customers, or even worse- dumped! Customers that love your brand will freely and happily give you highly coveted word-of-mouth referrals, testimonials, and social proof- the marketing pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

How can you cultivate loyal, lifelong customers who are dedicated brand evangelists? Make them fall in love with your brand! Let’s take your customer relationships to the next level.

Relationship Status: Friendship

Friends respect each other, and have a good time when they get together. Friendships are based on trust and dependability. Keep these things in mind when appealing to new customers. Be honest with your claims and content (don’t try to be who you’re not, like a fitness guru when you sell desserts).  The best way to attract new customers is to be entertaining and funny, those two emotions leave lasting positive impressions.

Make sure you have Google retargeting campaign up and running, so your new friend will bump into you again sometime soon!

Relationship Status: “Like”

Offer your new friend a special perk, something that let’s them know they’re important to you. If you recently added them to your subscriber list, send them a personal note, a discount, or even a nice freebie! Make sure your messages are as customized as possible, or they’ll never get the hint that you like like them a la “Oh he say’s that to everyone”.

You also start to crush on someone because you recognize that they are special themselves. Your marketing materials should easily demonstrate to new social fans, subscribers, or website visitors how your brand is unique, and a cut above the rest. And of course, don’t forget how important looks are! Your website, advertisements and branding should be as attractive as possible!

Relationship Status: “Dating”

Being seen in public with a potential suitor is a big deal, and your brand should be cognizant of that. Are you someone their friends and family would approve of? During this phase, your customer is considering if you’ll make a good long term fit or not. Sure they like you, but will you always be there for them? Dependability is a key concept to focus on during this phase. Don’t forget to keep up all “the little things”, don’t let the magic fade! Send your newly regular customers personalized thank yous and perks, and give them special treatment, beyond what’s available to the general public. Don’t be afraid to show some PDA, tweet at them, tag them, feature them as profiled customer!

Relationship Status: “In Love”

Love requires a mutual feeling, so never stop making your customer feel appreciated (that’s why all the most successful companies have excellent customer loyalty programs). You must be more than just a company to your customer, but a positive example of corporate responsibility, empathetic and reasonable with your customer service,  and your brand must have the customer’s best interest at heart. Love is selfless, and while that may seem like a lot to ask of a business, remember that happy customers means sales- so it isn’t so crazy after all to try to do what’s best for them! Remember that your love-struck customers feel they have a stake in your company (that’s great!) so try to involve them in major changes like rebranding or discontinued products. Customers who love a brand are incredibly valuable, they’ll share your content, refer you new customers, and proudly declare themselves as your customer. Make sure you provide them with the tools to do this, shirts, stickers, website badges, etc. When you grow big enough, think about bringing on a community manager to help your strong customer base continue to grow a develop as a community, not just a group of customers.

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