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News: Intuit Ends QuickBooks Remote Access Service


Though small businesses may be slow to adopt cloud technology, the rest of the world is not. Given Intuit’s recent focus on cloud accounting, it certainly doesn’t surprise us that they are ending their remote access service. This was a popular feature, used mostly by small businesses, that would allow for their accountant to access their desktop QuickBooks accounting package from another computer.

As we’ve covered extensively on this blog, cloud computing has many positives for small businesses, especially when it comes to useful accounting package add-ons, extensions, or team collaboration. If you are a small business who is already using a service like QuickBooks Remote Access, you’re already on the path to cloud collaboration. Intuit offers easy desktop-to-cloud transfers, as does Xero.

If you’re a QuickBooks Remote Access lover, don’t panic. Here’s a quick overview of how easy a transition to cloud accounting can be!

                                         Intuit Remote Access                  Cloud Accounting Software

Collaborate with
Your accountant                           yes                                                                        yes
from afar

Access your files                           yes                                                                        yes
from home

Employee                                     yes                                                                         yes

Data Protected                             yes                                                                          yes
And Secure

Accounting Software                  yes                                                                         yes
that’s easy to use &
has features you

Allows for awesomely                 no                                                                           yes
helpful accounting
package add-ons
and extensions

Plus cloud accounting software will save you time and money.

So don’t fear! Come on over to the happy world of cloud computing.

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