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Three Keys To Improving Communication within Your Enterprise Business


Communication is the glue that holds together enterprise businesses. A great idea or change is nothing within the communication to spread it and employ it. Here are 3 key ways to improve internal communication to make your enterprise business more successful.

Internal Resources

While the term “intranet” may feel like a tech relic from the 80s, it’s actually a successful tool used by nearly all Fortune 500 companies. Non public facing, an intranet can either be a subsection of your website ( or a stand alone feature (Atlassian or Shoretel). It holds new employee training documentation, the latest marketing collateral, the latest official processes and policies, and ideally an employee directory. Internal resources that can be accessed by any employee, easily, will cut down on miscommunication, time wasted asking superiors or colleagues to rehash instructions, and of course, any losses relating to incorrect action. The old school model, and one often used by small or early stage businesses, was that one or two individuals are the gatekeepers of information, who know everything about every process. Obviously this type of model is incredibly difficult to scale, and it puts a  great load on a single person to educate and inform your entire organization. The more information you make readily available, the more informed and efficient your entire enterprise organization will be..


Some key things to make sure your internal resources address are: descriptions of what each department handles, descriptions of major business goals, your business’ value pitch (how are you different from competitors), who is the key point of contact for each department, and any workplace policies like sick days or appropriate workplace behavior.


Internal Communication Technology

When questions do arise, how can they best be leveraged to inform the largest group of people possible? How can you not only encourage, but also facilitate efficient and helpful collaboration?

Every successful enterprise business needs and Enterprise Social Network, or more simply an optimized chat program. Gchats are isolated,  do not inherently  encourage communication, nor do they easily allow for group communication. Office communication tools like Slack or Yammer are here to the rescue. You can create themed channels (HR, Marketing, or Best Lunch Spots) and then  post relevant information therein. Conversations are saved and are search-able, so if someone has a question that’s already been addressed, much like with Internal Resources, they can quickly find the answer without disrupting anyone else’s workflow. Slack will also cut out unnecessary emails, thereby improving attention given to those emails that are still being sent out. Slack makes communication easy and when used as an official office tool, employees will feel more inclined to shoot a member of another department a question, thereby encouraging collaboration.

As we often explain as AR Experts, the number one reason an invoice is paid late is just because the assigned Accounts Payable personnel has a question about the invoice, but due to inefficient or ineffective communication habits at their company, is unable to get an answer or explanation on the issue in a timely manner. Internal documentation and an internal communication tool will cut down on such AR problems.


Data Tracking & Reporting

There’s good reason for “big data” to be such a buzzword, it helps makes businesses smarter and more successful. The whole world is made up of trends that replicate annually. Your business can not only prepare for such trends, but also learn how best to leverage theme. Your enterprise business should  be closely integrated to a data tracking and reporting solution, even if it’s just Google Analytics (which is free!). Of course this will help your sales and bottom line, but data reporting can help absolutely every department within your enterprise do their job better. Most importantly, having hard data will help your managers communicate goals and instructions to their staff. Informed decisions are the best decisions, and new policies or ambitious goals that are backed by data will be quickly accepted and adopted by your employees.

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