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Five Tech Solutions To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


December is well underway and it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll improve for next year. Resolve to grow your business and find better work-life balance with the help from these 5 awesome tech solutions.


1. Google Drive

Upload any kind of documentation (employee instructions, invoices, receipts and records) to Google drive for stress free organization. You can clear out a lot of clutter from your office space and you’ll never need to stress about losing a document you may need in a few months. The easy search function will allow you to search all your uploads at once! If you have documents that get updates, such as employee contact info or the details for your preferred service providers (“Who do we use to fix the AC again?”), a Google Doc will save you time: you don’t have to create a whole new document, you can just make changes to the existing one!


2. The FG Receivables Manager

Keep your business’ cash flow healthy, don’t fall behind on collecting those late payments, and find more time for yourself and your family by using this nifty AR management platform. It makes staying organized easy, and collecting those late payments will take no time at all- all you have to do to send a reminder email is click a few buttons (it comes pre-loaded with all the different types of collection letters you may need).  You can even accept payments right from the email, which speeds up the whole process!


3. Expensfy

Expensify is an easy app that keeps track of business expenses and even allows you to scan and upload receipts directly to the platform from your phone. Employees can file receipts and submit expense reports to employers with a simple smartphone click. With this tech solution your books will be more organized, you’ll stress less about keeping track of all your expense receipts, and you won’t have to hassle your employees to stay on top of their expenses!


4. TripIt:

The TripIt app consolidates your travel plans into a single itinerary, making it easy for any jet-setting entrepreneur to stay atop of his or her travel plans. This app can manage all of your travel information, no matter which website you used to purchase your ticket. When you use TripIt, you can check departure times, directions to the airport and even weather reports. The app even notifies you about any delays. Stress less, stay organized, and save time!


5. MailChimp

You can collect subscribers on your website and have them be directly added to your newsletter or customer listing. You can easily keep track of all your different contact lists (customer types, customer locations, customer levels and more) and send different communication to each group. Their email builder is easy to use and creates beautiful, professional looking emails. The best part are their email reports, which easily shows you who is most engaged with your content (tracks opens, clicks, and shares). This should take the mystery out of what communication or sales are of greatest interest to your customers, and then help you send out more of what they like to increase sales.


What tech are you going to use to keep your business resolutions in the new year? Share in the comments!

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