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A Streamlined Accounts Receivable Process Helps Network Doctor Better Service Clients


As a managed services partner, Network Doctor has consistently excelled at maximizing small to mid-size companies’ efficiency by solving IT challenges. But internally, the team’s accounts receivable process was far from efficient.

An Arduous Process

Co-founder Paul Hilbert recalls the arduous process of ensuring that Network Doctor’s clients paid promptly. “In the past, every email was manual. You had to draft each one in outlook, and then pull up each invoice one by one.” His small team handled roughly 280 invoices for 90 clients per month. Of these, Hilbert estimates that about 10% of all invoices were routinely overdue and required follow up.

Several hours per week were spent sorting through invoices and following up with clients–time that would have been better used developing customized reporting tools and providing clients with round-the-clock support. Hilbert slowly recognized that the company’s accounts receivable process was becoming a frustrating exercise in how to squander time.

Paul Hilbert

Network Doctor founder Paul Hilbert

A Personalized Accounts Receivable Process

As Network Doctor took on more clients, Hilbert and his team grew painfully aware that a failure to adopt a more efficient AR process would severely compromise the competency of their business as a whole. In 2015 they decided to give Funding Gates’ all-in-one software for AR management a try.

Office Manager Johanna Sabay described the difference as night and day. She no longer had to devote hours of her work day to sorting through invoices on a case-by-case basis. “Seeing everything in one place saves me a lot of time,” she noted. But perhaps more importantly, she has seen first-hand how the use of the software has improved relationships with their partners.

FG’s software gives business’ several choices in how to contact clients who have failed to pay on time, which allows for a more personalized approach. In the past, Sabay found herself drafting the same email over and over to clients, and spending even more time reviewing the history of her communication with individual clients before spouting off a failed payment reminder. But with FG’s built-in log that denotes every call and reminder made, Sabay can better determine = how to approach each client reminder on a case-by-case basis. She noted that it was made even easier with the option of using FG’s four reminder email templates that vary in tone from “friendly” to “severe.” “It’s made the collection process much more streamlined and personalized,” she noted.

The Network Doctor team looks forward to exploring more of the functionality of the software as they pick up new business.

“Funding Gates has filled a major void in our accounting process,” Hilbert concurred. “Our AR is in way better shape.”

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