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How to Stop Getting Ignored and Start Getting Paid:


Hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me???
There’s no denying the fact that persistence is key in Accounts Receivables. Yet, despite your greatest efforts, there are still those customers (ahem) who ignore your outreach. You’re down to the last wire and you feel like you’ve exhausted your options. Your clever series of “call/email, email/call” is yielding zero results and the DBT (Days Beyond Terms—learn the lingo here) clock is ticking. Buck up, my friend! You’ve got this! You’re an awesome AR Manager. The solution is simple. It’s all about being targeted at your approach.

Great. I’m onboard. What’s my plan of attack?
Here are 3 easy tips to melt the iceberg and get the answers you need:

  • Nail your point of contact. Ever stop to think that maybe it’s not you, it’s them? Calls and emails usually go unanswered because they’re addressed to the wrong person. Jane from Sales can’t help you get this invoice paid, but Brian in Accounting sure can! You’ll be more successful when you have the right info for the person who can call the shots on making payment.
  • Short, sweet, and often. Make sure you have a call to action and get your point across. Everyone’s time is precious. Embody the 2 P’s: polite and pointed, in that order. Don’t let accounts fall off your radar! Send reminders early and often.
  • Send your new BFF a fruit basket. Once you have your contact person locked down it’s important to cultivate the relationship. Like most things in life, your connections are valuable. Start off every email with a warm greeting. Make small talk and keep them on your good side. Trust us. It’ll open up some magical doors for serious teamwork, (aka you’ll get paid faster). Can you say, *ka-ching*?

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